Which Of Your Purchases Have Kept Working Long After They Should Have Quit?

In this age of built-in obsolescence, it’s more than a pleasant surprise when you get an extra year out of that old laptop, a few additional miles out of those comfortable shoes, or a couple hundred cups of coffee you hadn’t thought you would get from that machine on your kitchen counter.

Over at Reddit, someone posted the picture seen here of a Nintendo 64 game console that looks like it’s been put through the wringer more than a few times — and which has to be at least a decade old — but which the owner says “Still works and still gets played every day. Its a tank.”

That goes us wondering about those unexpectedly durable items you don’t throw away, even if your friends mock you for it.

There can be several reasons for keeping a still-operating relic. Maybe it never stopped working properly and you’ve never had to give any thought to finding a replacement. Or maybe it’s something that only requires a bit of duct tape and elbow grease to keep it in working order. And then there are those things that hold a special place in your heart/mind, but which you’re not willing to consign to “museum piece” status.

We want to hear about all of them — How long you’ve had ’em, how long you expect to keep ’em, and what you’ve got to do to maintain them — so tell us your tales in the comments.

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