A Rancid Dairy Queen Hot Dog In A Moldy Bun Is As Disgusting As One Might Imagine

A mom in Canada isn’t too pleased with a Dairy Queen meal she bought for her daughter recently. See, she ordered a regular hot dog on a normal bun, and instead claims the fast food joint gave her kid a rancid, shriveled hot dog in a moldy bun. Quite a stomach-turning difference. As her daughter put it, “Mommy, this doesn’t smell good.”

The woman says her seven-year-old noticed the meal was iffy when the family of five were a few minutes away from the drive-thru at DQ, she told CBC News.

“She had it for a couple of seconds and then she said, ‘Mommy this doesn’t smell good, I can’t eat this,'” says the mom. “She passed it back up and that’s when I looked at it and the hot dog was rancid and the bun was covered in mold, on both sides of the bun.”

She made sure to snap photographic evidence before tossing the food, and got in touch with the manager of the independently owned location, as well as DQ corporate. The manager apologized and promised to send her some coupons, but they never arrived. It’s not about scoring a discount in the future, anyway, she adds.

“They are doing nothing and they stoppped communicating with me,” she said. “I need to know that some child is not going to get a moldy hot dog like this again.”

A DQ spokesperson says it’s too bad this whole thing happened, but that it was a single incident and that the company sent her $100 in gift certificates.

“I have proof you have served me an inadequate meal and your response is to do nothing and that makes me really unhappy,” she said.

If you feel like being put off hot dogs for perhaps the rest of your life, check out the photo of the meat in question in the source link below. Spoiler alert — it’s grody to the max.

*Thanks for the tip, Doug!

Mouldy hot dog no cool treat for Edmonton mom [CBC News]


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  1. JollySith says:

    They didn’t do nothing. they apologized and sent her $100.00 in GCs. It should never have happened but it was one instant at one location. What does she want them to do? My best guess is that she is hoping to clean up with a lawsuit.

    • ninabi says:

      Just one incident? DQ must have had more hotdogs and buns in the kitchen. What happened to those? Did someone eat them or were they tossed after the parent complained?

      Serving moldy, rancid food is not only disgusting, but dangerous. I would have kept the hot dog and called the health department as well as the manager and corporate.

    • Jane_Gage says:

      Another shot at salmonella Roulette with free coupons!

    • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

      1) DQ says they sent coupons but the customer says she never received them.
      2) This is in Canada. Not easy to clean up with a lawsuit.
      3) How in heck can an old moldy bun and an old moldy hot dog wind up combined and being served to a customer? These are supposed to be assembled & combined when ordered not days or weeks before.

      • Chuft-Captain says:

        It is not an old moldy hot dog. Look at the article. The hot dog is certainly overcooked and has probably been on the heaters far too long, but it is in no way moldy. The bun is slightly moldy, but the mold is not a bright green sort of color, and could easily blend in with the bun if not examined in detail while hurriedly assembling an order.

    • Beauzeaux says:

      She says the coupons never arrived.

  2. Kahlidan says:

    We treat you right!

  3. Blueskylaw says:

    “I have proof you have served me an inadequate meal” – “before tossing the food”

    Who throws away evidence these days?

  4. Harry Greek says:

    “I have proof you have served me an inadequate meal and your response is to do nothing and that makes me really unhappy,” she said.

    Its,.. Dairy Queen. I never understood the huff people have when it comes to fast food. It’s bad food. You should not be eating it to begin with. So, why complain about the quality, or a hiccup like this?

    For God’s sake,… you bought meat, at a restaurant that is known for ice cream.

    • Auron says:

      right, because we should all eat the exact same foods that you eat. And if we choose not to do so, we shouldn’t expect that the food we are served conforms to any standards of freshness. So I guess nobody has a right to complain about substandard food/service simply because we don’t conform to your view of how everyone should eat.

      • Harry Greek says:

        I eat crappy foods all the time. Dinner last night was 7-11 monterey jack cheese chicken taquitos. So, I don’t exactly have a this high standard you seem to think I do.

        When I get explosive diarrhea, am I going to go back to that 7-11, wag my finger and complain? Nope. Am I going to submit a whiney self righteous story to consumerist about how 7-11 needs to have better standards? Nope. I just won’t eat there again.

        Case in point – Friendlys. Their food is total feces,.. with lots of salt. Ate there once, and thats it. It won’t happen again. Did I call the police? Or, throw an e-hissy fit? No sir – no need to. I just move on.

        Now, if I eat crappy food and I get hospitalized, due to something deadly – yes, I will and have every right to go crazy. But, for food that is just bad or poor, there is no reason to demand anything from the crappy food supplier.

        Just because people like myself eat slop, I shouldn’t demand the supplier should elevate or better their standards. I should just pick someplace better to eat at.

        • flychinook says:

          There’s a big difference between unappetizing, salty food and rancid, moldy food.

          It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5-star restaurant or a hotdog cart; If you’re serving food, you have a responsibility to make sure that the food is edible and safe for human consumption. To say differently is both wrong and stupid.

          Should there be no expectation of safety in a low-price car?
          If I get an inexpensive mobile phone, should I expect it to start on fire in my pocket?
          How about a cheap apartment, should I be prepared for the ceiling fans to fall and kill me in my sleep?

        • fleef says:

          Exactly. I once got a maggot infested box of Chow Mein from Food Lion. This was years ago, when I was a teenager and just barely learning how to make my way around a kitchen. I didn’t make a federal case about it either, I simply thought to myself gee what a crappy product, serves me right for buying a weird product from a crappy store. What’s wrong with people that minor, every day occurrences are prime time news fodder? A grasshopper in a salad.. OMG! moldy bread OMG! Jeez… you’d think people don’t have too much time on their hands these days…

    • That guy. says:

      To a degree I agree with you. Of course, nobody should be served tainted or moldy food, but…

      When I go to IHOP, when the food isn’t very tastey, the table is sticky, the utensils are dirty, the service is slow, everything is sticky (I’ll repeat, everything is sticky), I just go, “I’m not going to complain, because this is IHOP. I should know better.”

      But stuff that can make you sick, or kill you, is a different thing.

    • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

      What’s the cut off for complaints? Under $10 per combo?

      • flychinook says:

        Maybe it depends on the severity of the incident. Wendy’s chili, for instance, must contain at least 1 (one) human finger before complaints are justified. If you find a machine screw in your fries, you can’t complain. But if that same screw is in a Baconator, you CAN complain, but only on your own Facebook page.

  5. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    That hotdog’s been here since the silent era. You’d have to be insane to eat it!

  6. Coffee says:

    Dairy Queen is something not very common in California, and I have vague memories of going to one as a kid and loving a milkshake or something. Fast forward 25 years later and I move to Washington, where they’re everywhere, and I finally ate at one. Food is pretty fucking nasty and the facilities were poorly kept, like many franchised chains. Definitely a stay away for me.

    All that said, yeah, the woman should get a few gift certificates thrown her way by way of apolofy. It’s shitty when this kind of thing happens. That said, I don’t know what she’s expecting. Does she want to sue them? Does she feel she’s entitled to more than $100 compensation for her inconvenience? Would an apology be sufficient? It’s not really clear.

    • and_another_thing says:

      My turn-off from DQ was watching an employee continually rub her nose while making a milkshake.

      • Coffee says:

        Yeah…the employee at the register where I went looked as if she lived in a double-wide and had snorted her share of meth. Nothing more concerted than fifty-year-old meth face, especially when it’s about to serve you food.

    • blueman says:

      Just to be clear, DQ may not be common in YOUR part of California, but there are 38 of them in the Los Angeles area.

  7. That guy. says:

    If OP wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to another family, and wasn’t interested in gift cards or coupons, she should have gone directly to her Deparment of Health (or whatever they have in Canada) and file a complaint. Get an inspector out to that location.

  8. elangomatt says:

    Am I missing something or is there just a spot of mold on both halves of the bun at the end? The OP said “the bun was covered in mold, on both sides” but I am just not seeing the “covered in mold” part. Not that it really makes it any less disgusting, especially considering the nasty shriveled hot dog that had probably been sitting under a heating lamp all day.

    • JollySith says:

      Yes that is not something you should be paying for, but there were multiple times in my childhood where if I had shown that very same hot dog and bun to my mother in out own kitchen she would have torn the moldy parts off the bun and given me a lecture on wasting food. The dog itself just looks heat lamp shriveled and the the bits of mold on the bun could easily have slipped past a bored underpaid fast food worker.

    • CalicoGal says:

      I agree— it looks like it was one SMALL spot on each side of the bun, on the one end, probably the end that was in the back of the bag of rolls.
      And the hot dog just looks overcooked.

      Rancid? She didn’t say anything about the odor, except for the kid’s saying it didn’t smell good. And who knows if the kid REALLY said that!

      This lady is completely over-dramatic. When I was a kid, my dad would have torn off the end of the bun, put mustard on the dried-out, over-cooked dog and handed it back to me.

  9. Hi_Hello says:

    I was expecting a lot of mold. That amount, I can see how it could be a mistake.

  10. framitz says:

    The offerings in the small Dairy Queen kiosks are simply awful, but I’ve never had a bad experience at the full service locations. This is shameful.

    • jenolen2161 says:

      I used to have a full-service one were I lived in Ohio. It was decent, for a DQ. Now I’m in Carvel hell (something about Fudgie the Whale is just off-putting). Yes, it’s gross, but I was expecting a picture of something that had been left for months in the back of a fridge, not something that looks like the bread had *just* started to turn and the hot dog had been on a turner all day.

  11. [censored] says:

    Edmonton is where I live! Yay not often I see stories from home on this site :)

  12. PragmaticGuy says:

    DAIRY QUEEN….they’re known for serving DAIRY items, not meat. In any event, I’m glad the little tyke didn’t get poisoned and the manager will probably say his coupons got lost in the mail.

    • ferozadh says:

      Dairy Queens in Canada regularly serve burgers. They are more like Burger King than just an ice cream shop.

      • PragmaticGuy says:

        Here too…but if the name implies dairy then you go with your best suit. You don’t see KFC serving fish or Chick-Fil-A serving beef and pork.

      • shepd says:

        In fact, they advertise “HOT EATS, COOL TREATS” and that they cook with (if the location has it) a brazier in HUGE text all over their windows.

        Someone completely new to the place would assume it’s a cheeseburger joint until they got through the door.

    • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

      They dropped the Brazier name but the DQ’s I’ve seen are primarily burger joints.

  13. Cerealmom says:

    I have never understood why when confronted with their own crappy products these places turn around and give you certificates good for more of the same food.Hello? I recently picked up an 8-pc pack of fried chicken from a local market I will refer to as “Food Cat” and upon serving it at home,blood ran out.I take it back only to be asked do I want more chicken or my money back.What do YOU think I did? I got my refund and went elsewhere for ready to eat deli food.

  14. VHSer says:

    I’m just mad at DQ for them taking away all the shops in my area that sell burgers. I really miss the Flamethrower.

  15. robertlowdon says:

    I find it amazing that hot dogs even have the ability grow mould.

  16. Bob A Dobalina says:

    Yay! She can get another $100 worth of rotten food!

    What a deal

  17. King Cabbage says:

    The bun is not covered in mold, and the dog is overcooked, at worst.

    Really, you can’t complain about food safety when your feeding your child drive through hot dogs.

  18. OttersArePlentiful says:

    I’m not sure I understand why the OP is upset… after she complained, the company apologized, checked and made sure it was a single incident and not an ongoing problem, then sent her $100 in gift certificates after she complained that her original certificates never arrived. How is that “doing nothing?”

    I understand her being initially upset, but after everything DQ did to try and make it right, I’m not so sympathetic towards the OP. She says they stopped communicating with her… well, the situation had been resolved. If she wants a pen pal, she should look elsewhere.

  19. Beauzeaux says:

    The last time I went to a Dairy Queen was in Salem, Oregon several years ago. They sold me a vanilla milkshake that was undrinkable. Now I love milkshakes. They usually range from good to excellent.
    Before this episode I would have said it was impossible to make a milkshake that I wouldn’t drink.

    But now I know it’s possible. Haven’t been back to a DQ since.