Student Group Tells Santa Fe To Ban Plastic Bags To Help "Everybody In The Universe"

Santa Fe believes the children are its future, and as such, its leaders say they are listening very seriously to a group of students who are urging the city to ban plastic bags in grocery stores and other places that use them. The kids have solid reasoning — as one fifth-grader said, “Stop using plastic bags and help everybody in the universe including people who are going to be alive in the future.”

Bans just sound better coming from school children, don’t they? Santa Fe is considering it, says

“I know this is well meaning, but we have to look at the details before we start passing additional laws,” said a rep from of the Chamber of Commerce.

Paper bags would be an option if you forget your reusable bag, but at a fee of $0.10 per bag. Businesses aren’t completely on board with the plan, because while they agree that the city could cut down on the amount of plastic bags, they don’t want to charge for paper.

“I think it’s a really important move,” a Santa Fe Councilwoman said. “I think the question is how we implement it.”

It all started with the group of elementary students who formed their own environmental club. They came together to speak up at a meeting for the Business and Quality of Life Committee.

“It’s just going to make our world a dirtier and worse place,” said another student of using plastic bags.

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Santa Fe leaders consider banning plastic bags []

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