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Michigan Bans Local Governments From Banning Plastic Bags

While states like Hawaii and California have enacted bans on plastic bags, Michigan is going the exact opposite route, passing a law that bans local governments from banning plastic bags or putting fees on disposable containers. [More]

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California’s Plastic Bag Ban Delayed, Must Now Face November 2016 Referendum Vote

With just five months until California’s statewide plastic bag ban was set to take effect, opponents of the law have successfully petitioned for a ballot referendum, delaying the law until voters have their say next year. [More]


California Governor Signs Statewide Ban Of Plastic Bags

How many of you, faithful readers, have a closet full of reusable bags that without fail you forget each time you venture to the grocery store? Well if you live in California you might want to put a sticky note on the door reminding you to grab your bags because the state officially became the first in the nation to outlaw single-use plastic bags. [More]

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Chicago To Join Growing List Of “No Plastic Shopping Bag” Cities

Grocery shoppers of Chicago should start getting used to the notion of bringing their own, reusable bags to the supermarket and other stores; the city’s aldermen passed a resolution earlier today that will ban plastic shopping bags in many stores by Aug. 2015, and almost all stores one year after that. [More]

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Target Sign Wording Leaves San Jose Residents Scratching Their Heads

No one at Target would return a call last week from the San Jose Mercury News, so the paper wasn’t able to solve the mystery of what Target is trying to communicate with this sign in their cart corrals. They were left only with speculation, and if newspaper and online readers love anything, it’s speculating about typos. [More]

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Is Seattle Plastic Bag Ban Actually Leading To More Shoplifting?

Last summer, Seattle enacted a ban on plastic shopping bags in the city with the intention of cutting down on waste and litter. Some reports claim that this ban has led to an increase in people shoplifting with the aid of reusable cloth bags, but do the numbers back that assertion up? [More]

Student Group Tells Santa Fe To Ban Plastic Bags To Help "Everybody In The Universe"

Student Group Tells Santa Fe To Ban Plastic Bags To Help "Everybody In The Universe"

Santa Fe believes the children are its future, and as such, its leaders say they are listening very seriously to a group of students who are urging the city to ban plastic bags in grocery stores and other places that use them. The kids have solid reasoning — as one fifth-grader said, “Stop using plastic bags and help everybody in the universe including people who are going to be alive in the future.” [More]