I Bought My TV In 2006, Costco's 2006 Electronics Return Policy Should Apply

A few years ago, Costco changed its famously generous return policy when it comes to electronics. Customers have only ninety days to bring back gadgets that break or don’t make them happy, unlike the previous seemingly infinite return policy. Nick, however, bought his Vizio TV from Costco before the return policy changed. Back when he had as long as he wanted to bring it back. Now the six-year-old set won’t turn on, and he thinks that Costco should take the set back for a refund, which was the policy at the time he purchased it.

He writes:

I’m not sure if I’m crazy for trying, or if Costco is crazy for not honoring their return policy…but your opinion will be appreciated.

In December of 2006, I spent $900 on a 37″ Vizio from Costco in Charlotte, NC. The TV worked great up until this week, when it failed to turn on. Knowing that I purchased the TV under their old return policy, which stated that I could return anything that I wasn’t satisfied with, I marched into the same Costco today. I had since thrown out the receipt, but they were able to find the transaction in the system.

For background…my wife and I spend thousands of dollars every year at this Costco, and I’ve probably returned 2 or 3 things. Small items; a pair of shorts or a shirt that didn’t fit. Part of the reason I bought this TV from Costco was their consumer friendly return policy.

Today, though, the front end manager told me that I would’ve had to return the TV within 90 days of purchase. I informed him that this policy change did not occur until February or March of 2007. He told me it didn’t matter, and referred me to their concierge support number for assistance. I calmly but firmly voice my disappointment, and asked if anything else could be done. Nothing else, he said, could be done.

While I would’ve been very satisfied with SOMETHING…a free year of membership, a gift card toward the purchase of a new TV, something, instead I received nothing.

We’ve been Costco evangelists for awhile, but maybe no longer.

So…am I crazy??

He’s not crazy, but after six years of use, not all that reasonable either. If Nick wanted something specific from the concierge, he should have asked for that specific thing. And Costco does have a way to trade in your old electronics…of course, a non-functional TV isn’t worth very much, but it does exist.

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