You'll Soon No Longer Be Able To Sell Your Magic Spells & Potions On eBay

If you’ve been making a nice living selling get rich quick potions, love spells, or tarot readings on eBay, your days are numbered. After Aug. 30, these are among the items that will no longer be available on the online auction megasite.

eBay recently announced some category changes and removals, and among those getting the boot are

Everything Else: Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Readings
Everything Else: Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Spells, Potions
Everything Else: Metaphysical: Tarot Readings

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, eBay says these changes are just a matter of “discontinuing a small number of categories within the larger Metaphysical subcategory.” These categories were targeted because buyer/seller dispute resolution “often result in issues that can be difficult to resolve.”

We rarely have sympathy for anyone at eBay or PayPal, but we can imagine it’s a bit of a nightmare when someone writes to complain that the “Big Booty Spell” only resulted in a moderately sized derriere.

But you can still eke out a living with your store that sells healing crystals, and lucky charms, as these are “items that have a tangible value for the item itself and may also be used in metaphysical rites and practices.”

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