Optometrist Knows I Want To Buy Contacts Online, Won't Give Me My Prescription

In all of the chatter over our post about prescriptions at the vet’s office, many people commented that this kind of conflict is exactly why human doctors don’t sell us the medications we need from right behind the counter. The thing is, there is a kind of human doctor who does just that. I speak, of course, of the optometrist: dispenser of contact lenses and crusher of dreams.

An optometrist isn’t an M.D. or D.O., but can still provide you with a prescription that you can take elsewhere. Like the veterinarian, the eye doctor is supposed to give you a copy of your prescription upon your request and allow you to buy your lenses wherever you so choose. And like the veterinarian, when you mention your plans to order online, most will price-match. That doesn’t mean they should try to withhold your prescription from you, though, which is what happened recently to Stephanie.

I just read your article about the person whose vet wouldn’t give them their pet’s prescription because they didn’t want them ordering things online. I guess this is common between medical professionals because earlier this month I got my eyes checked for my annual appointment at a new eye doctor. I went to get a glasses and contact prescription, at the end of the appointment I asked for my contact prescription and my doctor flat out refused to give it to me because he didn’t want me ordering contacts over the internet since they price match anyway.

Once I was checking out I went to the front desk and for a third time asked for a copy of my prescription, their answer was, “Well the doctor is busy now with other people so we can’t give it to you right now unless he signs off on it.’ Basically I left without it. I finally got him to mail it to me but he mailed it to my other address which is 1500 miles away (doubt this was an accident) Now I’m waiting on my parents to send it to me. Is this normal now?

This place also charged me for things I did not authorize (checked no on the forms but they did it anyway without checking with me first)

Why is it so bad to buy contacts online? They are cheaper and I sure as hell don’t want to drive to that office ever again, I don’t care if they price match. I don’t want them having my business after this.

No, it sounds like this place isn’t someone you want to continue associating with either way.

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