We Complain A Lot But Survey Says Most Americans Think The TSA Is Doing A Good Job

Maybe we just hear all the worst things about the Transportation Security Administration, rendering us dubious, but for most Americans the agency seems to be doing a pretty good job running airport security. That’s according to a new survey that found 54% of the country feel the TSA’s work is either good or excellent, and about 30% grading it as just fair.

Mishandling medical equipment, accusations of aggressive pat-downs, large anatomy singled out for special screening, spilled ashes  of a family member — you name it, and we’ve seen it all from the TSA. Despite that, Gallup’s poll said only 12% graded the TSA as doing a poor job, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Perhaps it’s a recent shift in favor, as the TSA performed better with people who’ve dealt with it more recently: 57% of travelers who flew in the last year gave the TSA a thumbs up, according to the survey.

We’re feeling pretty safe from threats with the TSA on the job, as well. Among those surveyed, 85% said the TSA’s screening procedures are extremely effective, very effective or somewhat effective at preventing acts of terrorism.

Perhaps those Congressional panels telling the TSA not to pat down famous people in order to improve its image weren’t necessary, after all. And hey, notes the LAT, Gallup’s numbers show that Congress only has an approval rating of 16% anyway.

Let’s conduct our own research just for fun, shall we?

Most Americans think the TSA is doing a good job, survey finds [Los Angeles Times]

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