Squatters Push Goodwill's Good Will To Limit With Rooftop Camp

Goodwill stores are well regarded as a place to pick up clothes and other items on the cheap, but a group of squatters in California seemed to think Goodwill’s good will extended to free rooftop living.

Folks at the store called police to investigate the source of footfalls coming from above and the unmistakable scent of marijuana smoke coming through the building’s ventilation system.

“They found tents, mattresses, TVs, bags of clothes — all kinds of things,” store employee tells CBS San Francisco. Both the TV and a hotplate were powered through an improvised wiring hook-up.

“We obviously have a camping ordinance in Manteca that prohibits such activity,” explains a police dept. rep.

In addition to living rent-free on the roof, the squatters were scoring five-finger discounts by swiping items from the Goodwill drop-off box.

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