Report: Apple Store Employees Now Allowed To Price-Match iPhones

The worst kept secret in telephony is that there is a new Apple iPhone coming in the fall. Thus, some of the big box retailers that offer the current version of the device are starting to offer discounts to clear inventory. Apple stores are not advertising any such price drops, but a new report claims that employees have been given authorization to offer price matches.

The folks at MacRumors were tipped to a document that lists just how low employees can go to price match competing retailers like Target, Best Buy, RadioShack and the Sprint store.

All prices on the iPhone 4 and 4S can be dropped by $49.01, meaning that if you walk into an Apple store and tell them you saw an 8GB iPhone 4 at Best Buy for less, the store should price match down to $49.99.

You will probably have to mention the competitor name and price. Luckily, MacRumors has posted the price-matching grid so you don’t actually have to research.


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  1. lyontaymer30 says:

    From what I read, this isn’t a promise to lower the price, this is just a “if it’s necessary, they can.” They can still refuse.

  2. lucyrickyalex says:

    I never understood the appeal of forcing someone else to price-match.

    Them: “But DerpMart has it for $XX less!”
    Me: “Then why not just go to DerpMart and give them your money?”

    • TrustAvidity says:

      I dealt with that a lot working in retail. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to say the response you put as much as I have wanted many times.

    • Waltersinister3 says:

      Customer loyalty? I like your return plan better? You are marginally more convenient? I’m here now, not there and its a bit more hassle to go there from here, but not $49.01 worth of hassle? I’m already buying XYZ here and I’d rather you do a price match than go to two stores?

    • AustinTXProgrammer says:

      It was nice when I had a gift card at one store (rebate). Also by shopping at the closer store my sales tax went to the city I live in instead of Austin.

      • 180CS says:


        Yes, I needed caps for that. I thought I was the only

  3. cantiloon says:

    The macrumors prices are just for new subscribers or people who have had their current phones long enough to upgrade with the discount, though, right? Non-discounted or unlocked 64 gigs are $799 or $899, right?

    • 180CS says:

      Even if you knock $50 off an apple product, it still costs twice as much as equivocal hardware with a different OS from a different company.

  4. bluline says:

    Are they also now allowed to sell iPads to U.S. citizens of Libyan descent?

    • 180CS says:

      “It was the way he smelled your honor. I can smell terrorists a mile away. Look! Your bailiff is Spanish! He’s one too! Wait, no, my work here isn’t – mmmpmmmm hmmfffff”