Mystery Denny's Diner Pays Tab For Everyone In Restaurant

Everyone loves a free lunch, especially when there are no strings attached. Just ask the 60 or so diners at a California Denny’s who were treated to gratis grub by a mystery woman who decided to pay for everyone’s meals.

The woman, described as a mother of two in her 30s, simply told the manager at the Denny’s restaurant in Newcastle, CA, that she wanted to pay the bill for all her fellow diners.

“I asked her, I said ‘Are you sure?” the manager tells CBS Sacramento. “She said ‘yeah.’ I said ‘It’ll be a lot of money.’”

It came out to around $300, with $40 thrown on top for a tip, which doesn’t seem like that much money for dozens of diners’ meals.

“There was people, their meals were like 10 or 12 bucks. That one table there was 50 some dollars,” recalls the manager, who was sworn to secrecy about the woman’s identity.

We can only hope that this woman’s act of generosity inspires others — much like last holiday season’s trend of paying for folks’ layaway items — mostly because we could really go for some Denny’s but are a little light on cash until payday.

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