Man Accused Of Impersonating Cop For Free McDonald's Can Afford His Own Burgers, Okay?

A Pennsylvania security guard is insulted, frankly, that local police are accusing him of acting like a police officer just to score some free burgers at McDonald’s. Cops cited him on a misdemeanor charge of impersonating a public servant after they say he demanded food from staff at the restaurant, but he says that’s just an inside joke he’s got going with employees.

Police say he for months, would act like an officer in need of a burger pick-me-up while on duty, and that employees said they felt threatened, reports WPXI Channel 11 News. At that location, free food is a courtesy extended to on-duty officers.

“He wanted them to believe he was a police officer and on duty so that he could get free food. Kind of ridiculous,” said one officer.

But hold up, says the man, who works as a private investigator and security guard— he claims he was just teasing workers and never claimed to be a cop. And besides, he’s perfectly capable of purchasing his own grub.

“Do I look like I can’t afford to buy my own hamburger?” the man asked the station’s reporter when she showed up at his house. He added that he didn’t flash his security guard badge and always paid for his food.

It could just be a case of mistaken identity. But if someone offers to buy me a drink because they think I’m Queen Elizabeth II, I would not accept it. See? Totally wrong, and besides, she and have different taste when it comes to perfectly-curled helmet hair.

Security guard cited for impersonating officer, demanding free food at McDonald’s [WPXI]

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