Turning Your Tractor Into A Monster Truck To Crush 7 Cop Cars Will Get You Arrested

If you’re going to retaliate against cops for arresting you, one way to make sure they can’t come after you would be to say, turn your tractor into a monster truck and crush the heck out of their cars. A Vermont man allegedly did that and now he’s gotten arrested yet again. It’s a vicious cycle, man.

Authorities say the man was displeased with an arrest for marijuana possession charges, followed by resisting arrest. Instead of taking such an affront sitting down, he instead drove his tractor over seven cars belonging to the county sheriff’s department, say cops, causing around $250,000 in damages.

Apparently no one knew what was going on until a neighbor called 911. The Associated Press has this little gem to describe the scene, which we find rather amusing (although of course, we do not condone crushing anyone’s car, much less a police car):

They didn’t hear the ruckus outside because their air conditioners were humming, then couldn’t pursue him because their cars were crushed.

Like something out of a bromantic comedy — we can just picture the cops scurrying out of the building only to stop, jaws dropped, as the perp rides off into the sunset on his tractor.

For all that crushing those cars must’ve felt good, the man is now being held on $50,000 bail and has invoked his right to delay entering a plea for 14 days.

Bail set for Vt. man accused of crushing cop cars [Associated Press]

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