High Level Government Employee Or No, Walking Up To Drive-Thru Drunk Won't Fly At McDonald's

Clout — we all want it, and if we’ve got it, we might wield it when we shouldn’t. Or hey, why not just tell the McDonald’s drive-thru workers that you’re a really big deal in the government sector and as such, deserve food even if you’re maybe intoxicated and trying to walk through without a car. One Chicago woman touted her status as a “level 14 government employee” to try and wheedle her way into some late-night grub in Wisconsin, but all she got was arrested.

The 27-year-old woman demanded food, say cops, but was refused by employees at the McD’s for the simple fact that she wasn’t in a car. She bragged to the workers about her important government status, which may or may not be true. If she is indeed a federal government worker, she could be earning up to a six figure salary if she really is a GS-14 worker. The highest level of general schedule workers is 15, notes CBS Chicago.

The workers didn’t seem to believe the woman, who seemed to be quite intoxicated in her insistence on being fed, and called the cops. Their report says the woman smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot and glassy eyes and was talking all slurry-like.

Her blood alcohol content was .197 on a preliminary breath test and she was a bit combative with cops during her arrest for disorderly conduct, ordering cops not to touch her. Unless they came bearing fries, we assume. Then that would be okay.

Woman Fails To Impress McDonald’s Workers With Her Government Cred [CBS Chicago]

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