What Recipe Changes Have Turned You Off A Favorite Food Item For Good?

It’s probably happened to most of you at some point in your eating experience. You go to bite into — or take a sip of — an item you’ve come to really enjoy, only to find there is, say, more salt, or less chocolate, or just some new ingredient. And with that, the relationship is over…

Take, for example, the diners who are upset at Nathan’s world-famous hot dog eatery in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. Its usual potato supply has run dry, meaning it had to look elsewhere for tubers to turn into its signature crinkle-cut fries.

“I don’t like this and refuse to buy those fries again,” writes one former fan of Nathan’s. “They aren’t the fries I’ve been going there for all my life.”

Now, the Nathan’s recipe change is alleged to only be a temporary measure, but the food biz has a long history of tinkering with recipes — whether out of cost-cutting or out of attempts to innovate — with wildly varying degrees of success.

Anyone who lived through the brief New Coke debacle of the ’80s knows what we mean. Of course, some will say that both Coke and Pepsi’s decision to replace sugar with high fructose corn syrup is what drove them away.

So we wanted to know about the recipe changes that had you looking for new options. Maybe your favorite ice cream suddenly had fewer chocolate chips, or your favorite hot dog suddenly had a bizarre tangy flavor, or that pizza place you liked started putting things into the crust that had you raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

Whatever it was, tell us about it in the comments!


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  1. HFC says:

    McDonald’s fries aren’t the same since they stopped frying them in fat.

  2. shepd says:

    New Coke was Best Coke. No, seriously, after that I drink Diet Coke, because it tastes like new coke (because new coke was sugary diet coke).

  3. demona667 says:

    Wendy’s french fries. I’m not sure what they changed besides the salt (now sea salt) but the texture is all wrong.

    • tidomonkey says:

      I agree. I loved their fries before, but now I order the baked potato when I can get one.

    • nugatory says:

      I don’t eat at Wendy’s anymore due to their fries. Is it even possible for them to put more salt on the fries? I might as well just eat a handful of salt as eat their fries.

    • Silverhawk says:

      I love Wendy’s new fries with the sea salt. My problem is our local franchisee has decided to switch back to regular salt. Except I don’t think they bothered to change the shaker from the sea salt one, because it’s now MUCH heavier salting too. Tastes awful.

    • careycat says:

      Glad I’m not alone…

    • AtlantaCPA says:

      I hate them too, and have only ever met people who hate them. Funny thing is their sales of fries have gone way up since making the change so I guess we’re all in the minority?

  4. Rebecca K-S says:

    Good Earth has made this outstanding sweet & spicy herbal/black tea blend for years that was just amazing. A few months back I picked up a package that promised a great new look, same great taste, never mind the fact that they had in fact changed the recipe, which now contains artificial ingredients, to the previous all-natural version.

    And it was a god damn lie. That tea blows now.

    • craftman says:

      This sounds like confirmation bias to me. “Artificial” and “natural” on product labels mean surprisingly little.

      [Have a friend who works for a large food chemical supplier]

      • Bunnies Attack! says:

        Seconded. In one case they create the flavoring with chemicals. In the 2nd one they extract the exact same chemical compounds from a natural source. Side by side, the powdered ingredients are identical but one is “natural” and one is “artificial”.

      • Rebecca K-S says:

        While I noticed the packaging, I didn’t actually notice the new ingredient list ’til afterwards.

        (I also still have a box of the original, so I can do a side-by-side comparison – there’s a huge difference.)

    • missminimonster says:

      They changed the recipe? I haven’t had the tea for about two years but I used to love it!

  5. alastria says:

    I grew up drinking Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, & RC Cola. Then I had a bad bottle of Pepsi back in 1999 – it wasn’t expired or anything, it just tasted horrible – but from that day forward, I cannot drink Pepsi! I’ve tried multiple times, and I’ve even tried Pepsi Throwback, but no dice. I’ll just stick with Coke & Dr. Pepper

  6. Ben says:

    When companies like Morningstar Farms add eggs and milk to their products for no good reason.

    • CheritaChen says:

      Yeah, this. I have no idea why their items have eggs and dairy when the comparable items from Boca, for example, don’t require them at all. I haven’t bought any Morningstar Farms products since I went vegan. Oh well.

      And why do so many supposedly dark chocolate foods have whey in them? It’s not even providing flavor. All dark chocolate requires is cocoa, maybe some vanilla or soy lecithin, and sugar.

  7. chatterboxwriter says:

    I hate to say it, but cupcakes and crackers taste terrible to me ever since they moved away from using trans fats. I used to love Tastykake peanut butter candy cakes and the chocolate cupcakes with the creme filling, but now they are gross. I also used to live Turkey Hill ice cream, but I have noticed a very chemical-like aftertaste after eating their mint chocolate chip flavor lately. I haven’t bought their ice cream since.

    • madrigal says:

      I feel the same way about girl scout cookies. I used to be able to eat a box in one sitting, and now I can barely finish a box before they go stale. This happened after they stopped using trans fats.

    • ret3 says:

      I thought Kandykakes tasted different. I live in Texas, so their availability is sparse, but the last one I had didn’t seem as good as I remembered.

    • AzCatz07 says:

      If I could get TastyKakes or Turkey Hill where I live I’d be thrilled. I only seem to get my hands on either of them when I go home for a vacation. I also mist Rita’s.

  8. ret3 says:

    Fuddruckers buns changed a while back. I had always enjoyed their burgers as an occasional indulgence dating back to childhood, but the new buns disintegrated and the texture was awful compared to the old shiny, airy ones they made in-house. After a couple visits, I swore them off for good. I’ve heard they’ve improved lately, so I might give them another try sometime…

  9. chatterboxwriter says:

    I hate to say it, but cupcakes and crackers taste terrible to me ever since they moved away from using trans fats. I used to love Tastykake peanut butter candy cakes and the chocolate cupcakes with the creme filling, but now they are gross. I also used to love Turkey Hill ice cream, but I have noticed a very chemical-like aftertaste after eating their mint chocolate chip flavor lately. I haven’t bought their ice cream since.

    • Murph1908 says:

      Hmm. I wondered why I didn’t like the peanut butter Tasty Cakes as much. I moved East from a state that didn’t have them. When I got some a while back, I thought maybe I just remembered wrong that they were better.

  10. Luder says:

    I do not know for sure, but in the past year or so did Twix change the cookie in their origional chocolate carmel candy bar? I swear it is a lot lighter/cristier than it used to be. Perhaps they cut calories in it by making it less dense/full of fat? Has anyone else noticed this?

    • DuckNCover says:

      Something is off with the cookies. It’s harder for one. When I was younger I used to love to gnaw the chocolate and caramel off and save the cookie for last. Now I don’t even eat them.

      • LEDZEPPELIN24 says:

        Maybe its just the one store I go to (no one goes there often, in bad shape, never update there inventory, especially candy since only me and my friends buy it) but it is always stale, and just plain disgusting. uck, can’t stand the sight of ’em.

    • eccsame says:

      From what I’ve heard there was a fight at the factory and the left-sided Twix people parted ways with the Right-sided Twix people and now they have separate factories and different benefits plans and are currently undergoing litigation. There was a documentary on tv about it the other night.

  11. Josh says:

    Decades ago they changed the recipe for Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. My life has never been the same since.

  12. MMD says:

    I used to *love* Good & Fruity candies. Love. Then they disappeared. Then they came back. They are *nothing* like they used to be. I am sad.

  13. StarfishDiva says:

    Stupid complaint, but when Nestle Crunch bars STOPPED using the aluminum wrapper. A little bit of the fatty in me died that day.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      I stopped eating Crunch bars when they moved production out of their plant in Fulton, NY. But the aluminum wrapper thing makes me even sadder.

  14. Lombard Montague says:

    Applebee’s used to have a blonde brownie that came with melted white chocolate to pour over it. I ordered it a dozen times. Then they replaced the white chocolate with a crappy maple butter sauce and destroyed the whole desert.

  15. Mr_Magoo says:

    Wendy’s changed their pickles a couple of years ago. It totally destroyed the taste of their burgers for me.

    • DuckNCover says:

      I think it was around the time they changed their fries. They’re more of a sweet pickle now instead of sour and I agree, they suck.

  16. Ophelia says:

    My husband used to love Social Tea cookies, they changed the recipe a few years ago so it’s now more like a cracker. Not even close to the same. We contacted them at the time and they said there was no change.

  17. dulcinea47 says:

    Annie’s alfredo mac & cheese. Ten years ago, it was SO GOOD. At some point (maybe five years back?) they changed it and it’s totally mediocre now, not worth the price. They also used to make a spicy Mexican flavor which I also loved, they don’t even make that one anymore.

    • chefboyardee says:

      Yeah, I’ve found that all of Annie’s macs as of late are pretty much flavorless. We buy them and doctor them up with real cheese, which is annoying and against the point of the convenience of the box.

    • AtlantaCPA says:

      Oh I had almost forgotten about the Mexican Mac and Cheese! I lived off that while hiking the Appallachian Trail back in the late 90’s. I mean I literally lived off that as it was like every other dinner for several months. So good. And when hiking add a can of tuna for extra special spicy tuna goodness.

    • Dave on bass says:

      I never put my finger on it until you just mentioned it – I thought I was going nuts but all of Annie’s Mac&Cheeses taste like nothing these days!

  18. Jaynor says:

    Culvers stopped using graham cracker nuggets in their smores concretes… now they use graham crackers that are crushed. we’ve stopped purchasing these.

  19. ScarletsWalk says:

    I’m finding Peanut M&Ms just don’t taste right any more. They have a weird aftertaste.

    I’m having a hard time figuring out if it’s my tastebuds or aging, as lots of things taste funny, or if it’s them, as not EVERYTHING tastes funny. Things I make from scratch still taste the same, but restaurants and packaged things fluctuate a lot to me.

    • CheritaChen says:

      See below regarding Hershey chocolate. From what I’ve read, the recipe is probably very similar for Mars candies. Lame. But it does make me miss their products far less than I would if they were still as good as they used to be.

  20. Murph1908 says:

    Chex Mix snack mix is now about 94% pretzles. I won’t buy it any more.

    Pop Tarts are so thin now. Barely any filling.

    One could say I am better off without Chex Mix and Pop Tarts, true.

    • Sunshine1970 says:

      Just make your own Chex mix. It’s pretty simple, ingredients are all natural, and I never put pretzels in mine. Any box of Chex Rice, Corn or Wheat cereal should have the recipe on the back. They usually give instructions to bake it in the microwave. Don’t do that. Use an oven instead. The mix comes out crispier.

      You could probably make your own pop tarts, too.

      • Murph1908 says:

        I do, on occasion. It’s definitely better. What’s worse is, I end up eating the whole (double) batch in about 2 days.

        And like Nick says below, homemade is 1000% better. I usually double up the spices, and add Cheerios and peanuts. Remember when Chex Mix had peanuts?

        • NickRayko says:

          No to the peanuts. They sink to the bottom & are just greasy, not tasty (and I love peanuts on their own). Whole almonds or pecans instead.

          I have to limit my Chex-mix-making to Thanksgiving/Xmas, when there are a bunch of family members around to share in the salty goodness, or I end up eating far too much of it as well.

      • finbar says:

        I’ve tried the home-made poptarts. There pretty good but a bit of work.

    • NickRayko says:

      Not to mention that homemade Chex mix is SO much more delicious – and customizable (Cheerios & extra Tabasco FTW!) – than the crap in the bag.

    • Worsel says:

      The basic chex mix is all bagel chips and pretzels now. I hate it.

  21. absherlock says:

    Mike and Ike’s added strawberry to their original mix. Can’t stand them now.

  22. PunditGuy says:

    Hershey’s changed the way they do their chocolate at some point last decade. Tastes waxy to me now, and I actively avoid it. It was never awesome, but it was definitely better before.

    • OthelloAndreus says:

      Back in 2007/2008 Hershey’s began substituting vegetable oil for cocoa butter in some of their products. Certain products, such as “Almond Joy,” returned to the original recipe but not all.

    • stellapurdy says:

      That’s what I thought about the Nestle Crunch bar I had a few years ago, horrible. Also Nestle can bite me since they closed their plant in Fulton, NY, after making chocolate there for 100+ years. It was their first plant in the US, opened in 1899.

    • timp says:

      I saw a show on TV that said they cut back on the amoutn of cocoa they put into their chocolate.

      Can you guess why ? Yup…. because cocoa cost more money !

  23. dorianh49 says:

    Lucille’s changed their BBQ sauces from using sugar to now using HFCS. I won’t order anything BBQ there, anymore. They still got sweet catfish tacos during happy hour, and an amazing tri-tip pasilla sandwich, though. I think I’m hungry. It’s noon here on the west coast.

  24. We Have a Piper Down says:

    Shane’s Rib Shack used to have the best mac and cheese outside of Publix. Then they changed it to some weak, barely cheesy muck.

  25. Sunshine1970 says:

    There was a restaurant near where I work that made the best fajitas ever. They even won a few local awards. At some point, the restaurant changed owners, and when they did, the fajita texture and taste went downhill. Husband and I have never been back.

  26. eccsame says:

    When they changed green mint Jujyfruits to something approximating lime floor polish. I even called to complain (this was pre-internet, perhaps) but was told they tested well, so I could suck a d**k

  27. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Okay this isn’t exactly an ingredient change, but here goes:

    Olive Garden used to do a Ghirardelli-topped cheescake as a dessert option. It was the most amazing piece of cheesecake ever created. It was thick, rich, the chocolate was also thick and dark and amazing. They discontinued it probably a decade ago, but I still mourn its passing. No cheescake has come close since.

    Since it’s departure, I’ve lost my appetite for Olive Garden unless I want cheap soup/salad/breaksticks.

    • eccsame says:

      you’re right. That isn’t an ingredient change.

    • Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

      I’ll put my daughter’s REQUESTED birthday cake up against that. Maple Bacon Chocolate cheesecake. Maple cheesecake with pieces of chocolate covered bacon.

      It was pretty awesome.

      • Libertas1 says:

        Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & liquor.

    • PunditGuy says:

      Low oven (250), long time (3 to 4 hours), and substitute sour cream for any heavy cream in the recipe — cheesecake is better done at home.

    • jmgadget says:

      I have a similar complaint though, the Banana Rumba from Chili’s use to be the go to dessert there, then they basically went all chocolate for the dessert menu. It is severely missed.

  28. DogInYellowCoat says:

    If you live in the northeast: Wawa changed their soft pretzels a few years ago :(

  29. ct_price says:

    Snickers has definitely reduced their peanut content in the last few years. The ratio of peanut to other filling has made it worse and I don’t buy them anymore.

    Baby Ruth candy bars are no longer made with real chocolate – just a “chocolatey” coating. Essentially cocoa powder and vegetable oil. I am done with them.

  30. LadyTL says:

    For me it was girl scout cookies. Something about their new supplier just made the taste awful to me.

  31. careycat says:

    Lipton Cup O Soup changed when they took out the diced chicken bits. I contacted them and they sent me an order form for the original. Their reasoning was that they wanted to change the recipe so everything in the soup could be drunk out of a cup, no spoon required.

    Wendys Fries and Sea Salt – they just don’t taste right. Same with BK fries. I’ll stick with McDs.

    • RockerGal says:

      see I agree with the cup o soup! it also tastes a bit more watered down. haven’t bought it since..
      the sea salt in Wendy’s fries, however,… LOVE IT!

    • tsume says:

      McDs fries suck since they changed how they cook them a few years back. BK and Wendys are examples of recipe changes done right.

      • Gamma1099 says:

        Actually, I disagree. I can not stand the new Wendy’s fries, which is a shame, because they have the best burger of the big 3.

  32. careycat says:

    Lipton Cup O Soup changed when they took out the diced chicken bits. I contacted them and they sent me an order form for the original. Their reasoning was that they wanted to change the recipe so everything in the soup could be drunk out of a cup, no spoon required.

    Wendys Fries and Sea Salt – they just don’t taste right. Same with BK fries. I’ll stick with McDs.

  33. jojo319 says:

    McDonalds Fries. I miss the beef tallow!

    • Gambrinus says:

      I wonder how many people can remember when they cooked them in lard.

      • Chuft-Captain says:

        It wasn’t THAT long ago. Unless you are less than 15 years old, you probably remember.

        It also changed the taste of the Chicken McNugget markedly, they managed to correct tht one for the most part.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      In Canada, they were still using lard when I worked for them in the late 80’s

  34. ct_price says:

    Boston Market used to have the Carver Club which was turkey/chicken, ham, bacon and cheese and it was the best sandwich ever. Now they have nothing like that that’s comparable. Too much of a good thing maybe?

  35. ovalseven says:

    There’s two items I stopped buying. Honeycomb cereal changed to a “new improved taste” that I don’t care for. Bring back the old stuff.

    Stouffer’s did something to their frozen french bread pizzas. I’m not sure what, but they don’t taste good anymore.

    • keepher says:

      Stouffers has done something ot all of their products to make them less than they were.

    • Starfury says:

      As a kid I used to eat Honeycomb cereal…then we bought it for my kids. They’re half the size and taste like cardboard. Haven’t bought them since.

  36. Anna says:

    We started getting the oh-so-PC-named “Mexican” Coke at our grocery stores a little over a year ago – they contain actual sugar, instead of HFCS, and after my first one, I knew I was never going back to the stuff in the 2-liters. Bonus – it comes in awesome looking 20 oz glass bottles!

    • youbastid says:

      How is it un-PC to call it Mexican Coke? It’s…from Mexico.

    • dulcinea47 says:

      It’s from Mexico, so it’s called “Mexican”. It’s not a slur and has nothing to do with being PC or not.

    • Reno Raines says:

      What’s wrong with calling it Mexican Coke? You are taking offense to something where there is no offense.

    • AzCatz07 says:

      It’s not un-PC. It’s from Mexico.

      I can get Sprite, Coke, and Fanta at our local bodegas. So yummy.

    • Sarek says:

      I think part of the better taste comes from its being in glass bottles. Something about plastic bottles & cans hurts the taste.

      This went double for old-style Tab.

    • absherlock says:

      Wait until Passover goods go on sale and look for the Coke that’s marked “kosher for Passover” (it usually has a yellow cap). It’s also made with sugar rather than HFCS, it costs the same as regular Coke and it’s available in 2 liter bottles.

    • Debbie says:

      There’s a Kosher version available at most supermarkets before Passover. It also has cane sugar.

  37. ct_price says:

    Nearly any ice cream brand that contains guar gum or carrageenan. Haagen-Dazs is the only one that uses a pure ingredient recipe. Even Ben and Jerry’s uses it. Shoot, they carry Graeter’s in Kroger now and they talk about how it’s made the old-fashioned way – you can watch them make it in-store in Ohio and I don’t think the old-fashioned recipe called for drizzling in guar gum. Sad. My love of black raspberry chip has ended.

    • Tegan says:

      Awww, my love of black raspberry chip will never fade! I was so sad when I moved back to GA from Cincy, but then Kroger started carrying Graeter’s and life was a little better :) Guar gum and all, it’s still my favourite ice cream ever.

  38. alexwade says:

    Dominoes Pizza. Granted, their pizza wasn’t exactly good to begin with, but the new recipe is just plain awful. The cardboard it came in was tastier.

    • FashionablyDoomed says:

      Really?? I feel the opposite. Always hated it until I heard about the new recipe change, and got a 50% off coupon in the mail. The difference was astounding! It’s still not great, but it’s my second pick for pizza places.

      • Kuchen says:

        I like the new recipe better, too. I still usually don’t get Domino’s, but at least it’s tolerable now.

    • missminimonster says:

      Yes it is! To me it was overly salty but that might have just been that location.

    • Raider Duck says:

      I like Domino’s better now, but could they PLEASE stop putting oodles of cornmeal powder on the outside of the crust? I have to go through half a million napkins every time I eat there.

  39. DuckNCover says:

    Any fruit cereal (Trix, Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops). Growing up they were all cherry, lemon, and orange. Then they started to add lime and grape and other flavors and it turned me off all of them.

    Weaver used to make chicken croquettes. They still might, I haven’t bought them since they changed. First they changed the gravy. It had initially come in cardboard cups and then it was in plastic packets and tasted bad. But I could deal with it because the croquettes were fluffy and tasty and didn’t need gravy to be delicious. Then they changed the croquettes to something that tasted disgusting with the texture of a sponge.

    • DuckNCover says:

      Also, Breyer’s has changed a lot of their ice cream to now be called “dairy dessert” or something similar. I remember when their big selling point was how they were all-natural. Some flavors still call themselves ice cream but the majority do not. And the “dairy desserts” leave a strange waxy texture on the tongue.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I agree with the Fruit Loops thing. It’s not the same cereal.

      I will never stop liking Lucky Charms, though. The marshmallows still taste good.

      • scoosdad says:

        Speaking of marshmallows, my supermarket had all the ingredients for smores together in one display tonight. I’m going back to get some so I can demonstrate to my nephew when he visits this weekend what they are and how good they taste, since I’m pretty sure thanks to his mother’s strict rules of nutrition and the fact that she’s foreign-born that he’s never tried one before. It’s been years since I’ve had one myself.

    • missminimonster says:

      Remember when Trix weren’t all fruit-shaped?

  40. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    This will be overly specific, but for a while I was (for whatever reason) bent on finding the best fish & chips around the Twin Cities area.

    The virtually unanimous verdict was Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis. Their fish was amazing, and their tartar sauce really tasty, and the chips were always perfect. But then something changed – and I mean several years ago, BTW – and suddenly none of it was as good as it used to be. Not sure if they changed their batter, or what kind of fish they used, or the kind of oil they used to fry it in, or what…but it just wound up clearly inferior seemingly overnight. For a long time I kept going back, thinking maybe it would be like it used to be…but it never was, and I haven’t been back there in probably 3 or 4 years now.

    • Kuchen says:

      Ha! My husband has the same goal. His current favorite is Anchor Fish & Chips, but we haven’t actually tried that many places.

      In the same vein, we went to some restaurant/bar place (I don’t remember which one) when we lived in Ann Arbor that had AMAZING freshly made potato chips the first time we went there. We went back a few times, but they were never the same.

  41. jenl1625 says:

    Hellman’s Tartar Sauce changed a few years back. Completely ruined it.

  42. JohnDeere says:

    my wife put salt on the lid of a beer once. nastiest thing i ever tasted. haven’t drunk since so i guess it worked lol. she really enjoyed it though.

  43. DoraAreGames says:

    Unless it’s a BIG change, I’m generally not super picky for little tweaks, but my husband is extremely sensitive to even minute deviations in recipes, which I guess makes him either Super Palette or Rain Man. He used to love the lasagna at Macaroni Grill about five years ago, but then one day they tweaked the recipe… he couldn’t even say WHAT they’d done to change it, and the waiter admitted the recipes had gotten an overhaul, but it was different and he hated it.

    For my part, a particular mushroom penne pasta dish I used to order at the same place went from using yummy portabella mushrooms to junky, cheap, waterlogged-tasting button mushrooms… presumably to cut costs. Never ordered it again.

  44. keepher says:

    Huh, until I read this about the Coke/Pepsi and the replacement of sugar and the timing I hadn’t realized why I quit drinking it back in the mid 80’s.

  45. celinesci says:

    Dominos pizza. Yuck terrible new crust!

  46. donovanr says:

    Palm oil in all its variations, and HFCS.

    Nutella has palm so I nearly cried. And nearly all bread now has HFCS. You don’t even need to add sugar to bread.

    When companies add these two all they are telling me is that if were legal they would poison me more; seeing that they are now trying to poison me right up to their legal limits.

    • ChuckECheese says:

      Nutella has had palm oil since I began eating it in the early 1980s in France. Nutella could not have its consistency and shelflife qualities without some sort of hydrogenated fat, natural or otherwise. At least they’re using something mostly natural, and not vegetable shortening.

      I’m not defending HFCS, but most bread recipes have some sugar in them. When making products for commercial distribution and purchase, changes have to be made to recipes to promote qualities that are necessary for long shelf life and improved flavor and texture.

      If bread is made of very basic ingredients – flour, water, yeast, salt – it has good flavor and texture for about 12 hours. If dough conditioners and humectants are added, you can add many more days to that. Modern packaging can sterilize the loaf inside that cellophane wrapper, giving it a couple to a few weeks’ shelf life without using preservatives.

      HFCS has the “benefit” of enhancing the moisture-retaining properties of bread, softening its texture, and delaying staling. So it’s not a useless product. It’s one that is overdone in American processed food though.

      • RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

        It’s true. I only by bread made with sugar (when I can’t make my own at home–BINGO!), and it only lasts about 5 days. It’s worth it to us for the taste and texture improvement.

    • Worsel says:

      Schwebel’s is the only bread I’ve found that doesn’t use HFCS.

    • Bunnies Attack! says:

      Well… you know palm oils generally came first right? Then they were replaced with cheaper partially hydrogenated oils but when that fell out of favor companies went back to palm oils again. Palm oils are better than partially hydrogenated oils.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I don’t think Nature’s Own has any HFCS. It toasts better than the corny kind, too.

  47. incident-man stole my avatar says:

    Trans-fats! Dammit I miss my trans-fats in everything! Life is going to kill you so you at least get to enjoy it!… I now make my own Oreo’s at home…. Crisco and powedered sugar for the white stuff.. yum!

  48. incident-man stole my avatar says:

    Trans-fats! Dammit I miss my trans-fats in everything! Life is going to kill you so you at least get to enjoy it!… I now make my own Oreo’s at home…. Crisco and powered sugar for the white stuff.. yum!

    • Pete the Geek says:

      Eschewing transfats and sugar, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and eating vegetables may not make us live any longer… it will just make it seem longer!

    • MaytagRepairman is stealing socks while fixing your dryer. says:

      I miss trans-fats too. I don’t buy frozen chicken products in the store any more because the breading is too soggy compared to what it used to be. It wasn’t even that prevalent. I remember many products only had around 1-2 grams of trans-fat per a serving.

  49. Pete the Geek says:

    McDonalds apple pies. They used to be deep fried in real grease and the warning “contents may be hot” was to be taken seriously; if you bit it open to cool it down and accidentally got some of that hot fried apple pie filling on you lip, you would have a burnt lip! Now McDonalds apple pies are baked and have enormous vent holes, so they are at best room temperature. I keep trying the new ones, but the are never quite as good as the original ones!

    • usernamefatigue says:

      This, exactly. I used to love the fried ones so much. The baked ones are just terrible. I can’t even.

    • TacoDave says:

      And the cherry version was to die for! Man, I miss those scalding tart pockets.

      Coincidentally, the name of my new band will be Mickey D and the Scalding Tart Pockets.

    • finbar says:

      I had a taro root pie at McDonalds on Maui in Febuary, it was deep fried like the old apple pies.

      Maybe you can find the fried versions in different regions/countries?

    • Libertas1 says:

      Try the caramel apple empenadas at Taco Bell.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      I totally miss the cherry and strawberry rhubarb versions. When I worked there as a teen, we’d deep fry them, then cut them open and after they’d cooled a bit, put soft-serve on top. Delicious!!!

    • timp says:

      I totally agree…. McD’s apple pies used to be great… now they a crummy, not yummy, piece of dough with a hint of apple inside.

  50. 85% Real 15% Filler says:

    Arby’s roast beef changed sometime in the last decade. If Hardees ever screws with the mushroom and swiss gravy, I may go postal. I like the improvement in the burger though.

  51. AtlantaCPA says:

    Purely O’s from Cascadian Farms. It was awesome, it was a less sugar, organic version of Cheerios. Then one day they change the ingredients to have MORE sugar than Cheerios (like twice the sugar IIRC) with nothing like “new recipe” or anything on the box. People just had to notice on their own. Usually once you vet a food you don’t have to worry about going back to recheck the ingredients over and over.

    Very shady change and there is huge uproar over it in the groups of people who have noticed.

  52. jumbojeepman says:

    Burger King and their new fries a few years ago. Although a friend dragged me their earlier this year and the new new fried are better.

    Taco Bell and their switch from cheddar to American cheese quite some time back. Plus they started skimping on cheese, you get less cheese now when you order extra cheese than before when you got regular cheese. I used to eat there weekly, now it every couple of years when a friend insists.

  53. beardeddragon says:

    A few yours ago Nestle ice cream added Toll House brownie chunks to their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, it tastes like a burnt instant cake mix, haven’t bought any since

  54. Shinchan - Please assume that all of my posts are sarcastic unless indicated otherwise says:

    Chick-fil-A, after they added homophobia to the recipe…

    • mauispiderweb says:


    • Chuft-Captain says:

      Homophobia was never NOT in the recipe. Just no one bothered to pay any attention before Dan Cathy said his beliefs to the media. I haven’t eaten there for over two years, which is when I found out about where they were sending money.

      • Shinchan - Please assume that all of my posts are sarcastic unless indicated otherwise says:

        I was just being snarky. I’m a vegetarian so I wouldn’t set foot in the place regardless of whether the owner was a grade-A dick or not…

      • Joseph S Ragman says:

        I haven’t eaten there since I found out I couldn’t eat there on a Sunday.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:


      I don’t think their chicken is all that good. People are like “OOHHHHHYEAAAAAH” but it just tastes like deep-fat fried regular junk to me. Tried it, won’t go back.

    • Libertas1 says:

      I make it a point to visit at least once a week.

  55. Worsel says:

    It’s been years and years, but when they took the peanuts out of Cheddar Chex Mix and replaced them with terrible orange crackers, I stopped buying. Do any of the chex mix products have real nuts anymore? I think Peanut is the only one. :D

    • Kuchen says:

      Agreed! The Honey Nut Chex Mix used to have honey roasted peanuts in it, and it was sooo good. Now it’s meh.

  56. do-it-myself says:

    I want my scallions back in my Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes!!! I also want my Black Jack taco! One time a couple years ago I was told that they were out of the black shells and asked if I still wanted one. Of course! The secret was in the sauce! It was the KFC twister wrap sauce…which also is no longer with us.

    As far as beverages, I avoid the cancer inducing caramel coloring like the plague, so I also miss my Crystal Pepsi.

  57. baristabrawl says:

    The last time I had KFC Cole slaw the sauce had been thickened. I was not impressed. It could have been a fluke and since I don’t eat there very often I might not notice…until I go back. If it’s not runny and juicy like it used to be my love affair with KFC slaw is over. OVER!

  58. jmartin147 says:

    The steak seasoning at Moe’s was freaking awesome when I first started going there about 8 years ago, but over the years it started to become kind of bland. I’d love to know why they would change such deliciousness.

  59. Chuft-Captain says:

    New Coke was not a marketing debacle, it was an intentional decepticon to mask the change in formula and flavor when they switched to HFCS.

  60. Bor&Mitch says:

    I worked at the Nathan’s flagship store in Coney Island for years as a kid. Here’s a secret – the hotdogs weren’t always “Nathan’s hotdogs”. When supply was short they’d buy from some other vendor and to my knowledge no one ever complained. 99% of the customers were tourists, what did they know. Apparently in this case they tried the same thing with the french fries only this time some potato connoisseur caught them in the act. So lesson to you consumerists – restaurants will change their suppliers if availability and costs become an issue. And no, they won’t tell you.

    • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

      I thought Nathan’s dogs were really different until somebody told me they hadn’t cleaned the grill since 1917.

  61. Cranky Owl says:

    Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes. Last year they futzed with the pumpkin flavor – it’s less intense & sweeter. Blecchh.

  62. Captain Spock says:

    Corn Nuts changed their flavorings years ago. I don’t even remember what they used to taste like (single tear) they are still nice and crunchy though.

  63. AngryK9 says:

    I used to love pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets until they started sticking crap all over their crust

  64. alisonann says:

    This will sound silly but Panera’s mac n cheese was absolutely perfect until recently, but I can’t quite put my finger on what’s changed. All I know is I’ve ordered it a handful of times in the past few months and something’s just … off.

  65. agold says:

    Baskin-Robbins’ Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. It used to be vanilla ice cream with “ribbons” of chocolate and caramel. Now it’s chocolate and vanilla ice cream with caramel ribbons. Not the same!

  66. Worstdaysinceyesterday says:

    K F C – was greasy finger licking goodness. Now trans fat free and whatever else they have done over the years, it is just a shadow of its former 11 herbs and spices glory.

    Same goes for McD’s apple pies.

    I don’t want my fried food to be healthy gaddamit!

    • ECA says:

      OLD STYLE LARD WORKS, and isnt a bad thing..

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      I hear you on that one. Not to mention whatever they did to their fries over the years–it’s just a soggy pile of greasy potatoes. Blah! Hence why I’ve not eaten the Colonel’s crap in years, and curiously why I’ve seen quite a few KFCs shut down in and around here.

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      I hear you on that one. Not to mention whatever they did to their fries over the years–it’s just a soggy pile of greasy potatoes. Blah! Hence why I’ve not eaten the Colonel’s crap in years, and curiously why I’ve seen quite a few KFCs shut down in and around here.

      • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

        I thought the switch to WordPress would stop these double-postings. Whoops. My bad or it bad–take your pick.

    • timp says:

      I totally agree with everything you said, especially the McD’s Apple Pies.

  67. CW says:

    A few years ago Taco Bell changed cheeses. I don’t like the new cheese. But it doesn’t matter now. I haven’t been able to eat a bean burrito there since someone told me the beans are made from powdered beans, similar to powdered mashed potatoes. I don’t know why, but I just can’t eat them.

  68. ECA says:

    MOST candy bars..To small, to much sugar, Chocolate FLAVORING..

    Jerky..loved to nah on a chunk..now its paper thin, to brittle, and the dog wont even eat it..

    BACON..I have to wash off the SUGAR, SMOKE/MAPLE FLAVORING just to find the bacon..

    i grade restaurants on HOW A simple breakfast is..Eggs, bacon, hash browns.
    HOW many places give you LIMP hash browns, SKINNY BACON(32-64 slices per pound), and Eggs that dont have any taste.

    TONS of sugar in everything..how many people know what FOOD tastes like?

    • ECA says:

      What is so Canadian about canadian bacon..
      ITS SUPPOSED to be a Dried/aged meat…
      Sausage?? it dont taste like it..
      CHEESE..is so OVER processed, and SANITIZED, you might as well Drink milk. Milk, that stuff thats 1/2 water.

  69. Rahnee says:

    In the early 90s KFC served extra crispy nuggets. Those were awesome late night driving food.

    Baskin and Robbins Daiquiri Ice. Discontinued in 2010 I believe.

    Gerber Blueberry Buckle. Even as an adult. Discontinued 2012

  70. gc3160thtuk says sarcasm is always the answer says:

    Iced Mocha from Starbucks. They stopped using Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup years ago and started using some dusty microwaved semi-sweet dreck. I stopped drinking iced Mocha from Starbucks then.

  71. SilverBlade2k says:

    I used to love Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. But they must have changed an ingredient, because whenever I eat them now, I either have to have some Pepto Bismal near by, or I’m worshipping the porcelain thrones *while* using the throne for 4 hours….

    Now I can’t eat the damned things anymore.

    • pegasi says:

      reeses changed something with the peanut butter a while back. they’re greasier, and they just don’t have the same ‘peanutty’ flavor they used to. Reeses pieces taste better than the cups do, and that says a LOT… because it used to be the other way around…

      BUT….M&Ms Peanut Butter has totally killed Reeses for that chocolate/peanut butter combo… they cost more, but TASTE so much better, even with the candy shell.

      • quail20 says:

        Totally agree about the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Used to be if I opened a fun pack of them for Halloween I’d work my way through half of the bag before I could stop. Last year I had one and one was a bit too much. Yuck.

      • SilentAgenger says:

        Peanut Butter M&M’s rock! I’ll never understand why Reese’s missed the boat when they made Reese’s Pieces and LEFT OUT 50% of the game-winning formula that put them on the map (no chocolate?…seriously?!?).

  72. Kahlidan says:

    Honey Nut & regular Cheerios-ruined by the addition of corn starch, the removal of actual almond pieces/reducing the amount of honey in the former. While most cereal quality has eroded, this is the worst offender.
    Best Foods mayo-watered down 10+ years ago after Unilever bought the brand.
    Burger King-they have just given up. They’re always dirty, serve old food and HORRIBLY watered down & overcarbonated soda.

  73. balderdashed says:

    I can’t prove it, but I think what was my favorite ketchup — Heinz — is not as good as it used to be. In the 1970s, Heinz ran a legendary TV commercial (to the tune of Carly Simon’s hit, “Anticipation,”) bragging about how slowly its ketchup emerged from the bottle. I’m not sure they could get away with that commercial today. I suspect the formula may have changed (it seems not only less thick, but sweeter — corn syrup instead of sugar?). In addition, for ketchup and other condiments, the squeeze bottle has largely replaced the glass bottle of old, which compounds the problem. The plastic bottle has an even worse effect on mustard — inevitably, the first squeeze produces a watery, disgusting puddle.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      You have to shake those squeeze bottles first. But yeah, I know what you mean.

    • cactus jack says:

      Heinz has been campaigning their organic ketchup for a few years now. Give that a try.

      • Maniacmous says:

        True. The Simply Heinz or whatever they call it is actually pretty legit. I miss their old Ketchup with Onion though, that used to be great as a kid.

    • pegasi says:

      you gotta watch these ketchup brands… Heinz and a couple of the other big brands have been waffling back and forth with HFCS in their ketchup. Also, if you read, you’ll note that all these new snazzy “peel or squeeze” ketchup packages are reformulated to use HFCS where the old packets didn’t!! I noticed this when the stores like Chickfila had both available in the changeover. I would rather even use mayo on my fries than use ketchup with HFCS. When I go to chickfila, I’ll get sauce packs like honey mustard that don’t have HFCS vs use those ketchup packs.

  74. Greg says:

    Taco Bell has burned me twice.

    First they got rid of the (superior) Santa Fe Gordita years ago, which was like the Baja but with corn salsa instead of pico.

    When they dumped it, I swapped to the Baja even though the pico is gross. Then they got rid of the Baja, for no apparent reason, leaving only Supreme and Nacho Cheese (????) options.

    Screw them.

    • finbar says:

      Don’t forget they shrunk the size of the Gorditas as well some years back.

      At the Taco bells around (NorCal) here you can still order a gordita and add the baja sauce.

    • Gamma1099 says:

      Yeah, the Baja Gordita is not on the menu, but they will still make it if you order it. I typically get a 39 cent charge for the Baja sauce, though.

  75. icerabbit says:

    We don’t have many dining out options, but the Outback, Longhorn and Ruby Tuesday have all managed to add signature spice blends we’re not the least interested in …

  76. Debbie says:

    These are pretty old:
    Fig Newtons and the others with different fruits used to have a fraction of a gram of fat. They took it out of all flavors except the fig ones and not the cookie part tastes like cardboard. And at some point they took the flavor out of the Girl Scout peanut butter sandwich cookies.

  77. balderdashed says:

    I’ve also found that what’s now called “French bread” at most restaurants, even pricier ones, is not worth eating. There’s an Italian place down the street that used to serve a wonderful basket of real French bread; then management cheaped-out, and replaced the real thing with something that’s the same shape, but has the taste (if you can call it that) and texture of squishy “wonder bread.” But this is Minnesota, and culinary standards are not high — you might as well serve crap, if nobody cares or notices. I can’t recall the last time I had decent bread in any restaurant — Poppin’ Fresh seems to rule the day.

  78. Buzz says:

    Taco Bell’s recent chicken change, lemon herb flavor. It takes a lot more of their sauce packs to drown this awful flavor. Their chicken soft taco looks smaller than before. When they first introduced steak gorditos a while back, the steak had a real good grilled flavor. A year or two later, changed to something with no flavor. They just can’t stop screwing things up.

  79. mmcnary says:

    There was time in the 90’s when the KFC restaurants in St. Louis started soaking their chicken in lemon juice or something. It was awful and I stopped eating KFC for about 10 years. Which probably will lead to an additional 2 years of life, but still.

  80. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Nothing tastes good anymore.


  81. Mulysa says:

    Burger king used to have the best fries when I was a kid. Then they changed them to be more like McDonalds.
    I am the one person in the world who hates McDonalds fries, apparently. So I just stuck with Wendy’s when I could.

    • pegasi says:

      Burger King here in the southeast went to these thicker fries, they’re actually better than those scrawny McDonalds fries, and don’t seem to turn into grease logs like the McD fries do. I’ve also stopped getting McDs fries because EVERY store seems to think that every single person who goes to the fry hopper has to re-salt the fries, and the ones I get have so much salt on them that they’re inedible. Burger King here isn’t doing this.

      I don’t care for the way they put so much condiments on their burgers, so I’ve started ordering my BK burgers without ketchup, mayo, mustard, sauce or anything of the liquidy kind, as every store seems to think they have to put a half gallon on the sandwich so it oozes everywhere with the first bite… Nasty! I want to taste what’s in my sandwich, not a gallon of mayo,ketchup,mustard mix! If I wanted to do that, I’d just make up thousand island dressing at home, forget the pickle, add mustard, and spoon it up… eewww~!

  82. Jenny8675309 says:

    McDonald’s vanilla shakes are horrible and forever ruined. They have a sickening syrup taste.

  83. axiomatic says:

    Anything that switched from real sugar to HFCS. I could care less about whether sugar is healthier than HFCS. HFCS just tastes like shit.

    • pegasi says:

      Totally agree… try a box of ice cream without HFCS in it, REALLY taste it, then try that el-cheapo stuff with HFCS as the #2 ingredient… I couldn’t take a second bite!

  84. sgmax2 says:

    Crosse & Blackwell Branston Pickle. I grew up with this stuff in the UK, so I was over the moon when I discovered it being sold in the US. Turns out that they have completely reworked the recipe for the US market. I can’t *believe* that anyone on earth would like this bitter, disgusting taste. In the UK, the taste is strong but fruity and spicy. The US version is just bitter and strong. What were they thinking?

  85. Southern says:

    McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets.

    I *liked* the dark meat. Or whatever it was called. They were JUICY and DELICIOUS.

    Now they’re dry and no amount of BBQ sauce helps.

    I’ve only had them maybe 5 times since they changed them back in 2004/2005.

  86. quail20 says:

    Most pizza places have horrible cheese and the pie is nothing but a sea bed for an ocean of grease. Granted I moved to the North Eastern part of the USA where they prefer their pizza to be floppy, but in my recent travels I’ve yet to find a pizza chain that makes pies as good as they were in the 80s or 90s. How I’d kill for a good pizza.

    I’ve also abandoned the cookie aisles of the grocery store. Yea, it’s partly for health reasons but none of those cookies taste the way the once did.

    • samandiriel says:

      I gave up on those kinds of cookies after they all started tasting like coconut. Apparently they switched to using coconut oil for some reason some years ago. UGH.

  87. rslitman says:

    What about recipes that I think changed for the better? Several years ago, Weight Watchers introduced chocolate snack cakes designed to fit in their program of sensible eating. They were great even then. A few years later, they were reformulated with a chocolate creme filling. While this took some getting used to, I eventually came to love them even more.

  88. Kuri says:

    I used to purchase Hungry Man dinners back when cheese fries were part of the one I liked.

    Since they no longer offer that, I no longer purchase said dinners.

    • scoosdad says:

      I stopped buying those when they put in the brownies as the dessert. They complicated the cooking cycle by making you do something to the brownie in mid-bake, and nothing I do can produce a brownie that tastes good or looks anything like the one on the package. If I have a Hungry Man dinner at all these days that has that stupid brownie mix now, I scrape it out while it’s still frozen and cook the dinner without it.

  89. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    Hickory Farms used to make cheese balls that were covered in almonds. I LOVED these (particularly the Garden Vegetable one) – about 5 years ago give or take, they stopped covering them in almonds and just covered them in vegetable flakes. Not near as good, I stopped buying them.

  90. Sunrisecarole says:

    Sugar IS needed in ANY yeast dough. I’m not saying a lot is needed, just some. Yeast “feeds” on te sugar to rise.

    • caederus says:

      The yeast can feed off the starches in the flour. It takes longer to proof, but the yeast will do their thing without adding flour.

  91. Razor512 says:

    burger king. they changed the recipes from 2 sesame seed buns with some beef in the middle, to 2 slices of a bread like material with 1 dimensional sheet of some dark colored material and now cost more.

    KFC: replacing their seasoning with an injection of cooking oil to make the chicken extra greasy in the hopes of masking the lack of seasoning.

    Domino’s Pizza: From what I remember, pizza is suppose to have cheese, not trace amounts which require an electron microscope to find, but an actual layer of cheese.

    Pizza hut: they used to have really good crust and cheese on their pizza, but now it is cheap/ really stretchy stuff and a crust that is almost as bad as the pizza bread that they give at some schools.

    McDonalds: They taste okay but their insane amount of downsizing is just insane. I am better off buying a block of gold and then hiring some researchers to figure out a way to rearrange the electrons, protons, and neutrons in order to create the proper compounds needed to make a hamburger, than to buy their tiny overpriced hamburgers.

    All brands of ice cream: Many companies cant seem to tell the difference between a bucket of ice cream and the large hadron collider, and thus cant get their pricing right.

  92. Hail says:

    Cocoa Pebbles, they started using artificial sweetener and took away most of the chocolate.. I used to eat it all the time, now I haven’t touch the stuff in years.

  93. Duffin (Ain't This Kitty Cute?) says:

    I’ve got two. First off, I used to LOVE Taco Bell’s Grilled Stuffed Burritos with steak. But, then they changed their steak. I can’t explain it. It’s different now, but I don’t like it.

    Also, I pretty much stopped going to Burger King back when they changed their fries that first time. Now that they have the fries that Wendy’s /used/ to have, I’ve been going there once a week just about.

    Speaking of, I don’t go to Wendy’s as much anymore now that they have smaller “natural cut” fries. I don’t like them.

  94. RatDamage says:

    Cauldron changed their tofu last year – it’s supposedly ‘new and improved’ but the texture’s awful, it crumbles before you can even take it out of the packet!

    Nando’s have decided to add milk to their rolls so I can’t eat them now. Sucks!

  95. cspschofield says:

    It used to be that most kinds of poptarts came in unfrosted as well as frosted, and you just plain can’t get raspberry unfrosted anymore. Frosted poptarts are a lot like eating sugar cubes with honey.

    Hagen Dazs used to make a mango sorbet that was marvelous. The they did something to the recipe (and I’m afraid it was probably to use real mangos instead of mango-flavoring) and now it tastes to me like it has orange-juice in it.

    Once upon a time the New England district of Pepperidge Farms made a Corn-and-moasses bread. It was heavenly, toasted with a little butter. Despite numerous tries, I have never managed a home-baked loaf that had the right texture.

    Lastly; ,my two favorite Baskin-Robins flavors were Mandarin-Chocolare Sherbet and Licorice Ice Cream. They were seasonals, so I couldn’t get them year-round, and then one year they just didn’t come back. In addition to being delicious (to me, anyway) Licorice was grey, which was always good for some double-takes.

  96. SilentAgenger says:

    Kraft Thousand Island dressing. They switched to some sort of “new & improved” formula and (IMO) totally wrecked the flavor. I stopped purchasing it after that (they probably did me a favor…I shouldn’t be buying that giant-factory-processed junk anyway).

    • timp says:

      I agree… Kraft has changed many of their foods and there is nothing about them that is “Improved”.

  97. samandiriel says:

    Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs.
    They used to have yummie soft goo in them, and then they switched to some kind of horrible semi-crystalized frosting nastiness.

  98. menace690 says:

    I used to love the MCDonalds dark meat nuggets. The new ones are just not the same.

    • WhyNotTry says:

      Yes! The dark meat nuggets. I still remember the commercials with different kids exclaiming, “Change is good”. It wasn’t.

  99. CapnPike says:

    Subway changed their mix for Tuna about 8 – 10 years ago, it’s now drier and tasteless.

  100. suezahn says:

    My favorite bakery in the Falls Church/Arlington area of Virginia, Heidleburg Bakery, used to make these giant cupcakes that were awesome. The carmel ones in particular were worth a 20-minute drive to acquire. However, they both reduced the size to the more trendy small ones (same price) and now the proportions of the carmel filling and topping is screwed up, and I won’t buy it again. This makes me incredibly sad.

  101. pdj79 says:

    KFC’s Extra Tasty Crispy chicken was the bomb. Then they got rid of Extra Tasty Crispy and, after what seemed like an eternity, replaced it with Extra Crispy, which has MOST of the crunch but none of the taste of the original.

    Velveeta Shells and Cheese — I’m not sure what they’ve changed (be it removing trans fats or replacing a cheese component with more chemicals) but it doesn’t taste anything like it used to. To me it has an almost metallic aftertaste and just puts me right off. It’s actually driven me into the arms of store-brand shells and cheese options as their cheese sauce is cheddar-based and tastes more “natural” than Velveeta does.

  102. elangomatt says:

    Not exactly my favorite food, but I grabbed a Walmart take and bake pizza for the first time in months the other day (I don’t go to walmart often anyway) and there was a sticker on the box that said “new and improved crust”. I though “well crap, I bet this sucks now”. I am pretty positive that the old crust was a rising crust style like Digornos. The pizza I had the other day did have a slightly bready crust, but the edges of the crust didn’t rise at all and didn’t have any taste to speak of. It used to be a halfway decent tasting yeasty crust but not anymore.

    • Porlock Junior says:

      Right! Decades of experience have convinced me that anything good that comes out in a New Improved form or even with a new packaging is going to be crap.

      Regression to the mean, you might say: If something is better than average, then a random change will usually bring it down toward the average. But I swear that in commerce the regression isn’t to the mean but to the bottom.

  103. Dave on bass says:

    Thought of one. Anybody else remember back in the day when, at Taco Bell, ‘supreme’ meant more than just tomatoes and sour cream? Black olives and I think scallions too! I keep wondering why the Burrito Supreme tastes less supremey for the past few years… that and the beef slop isn’t as good anymore.

    • JayBents says:

      My wife has been arguing with me that the beef didn’t change. Glad to hear someone else thinks it’s worse.

    • pythonspam says:

      They got rid of scallions after a brief samonella (if memory serves) scare and never brought them back. That was the one fresh thing that made the Nachos bellgrande less greasy/gloppy/salty.

  104. Sneeje says:

    All of the Dairy Queens in my area have started thinning the chocolate used for their dipped cones. This was one of my favorite treats ever. Now it tastes primarily like wax and the thinness removes much of the eating enjoyment for me. Now for the few times I go out for a treat I go elsewhere (BR Baseball Nut, I’m looking at you…).

    • AlyshaM says:

      I too love the hard shell sauce, I always have hot fudge sauce subbed out with the hard shell.
      The hard shell sauce is very easy to make at home, I use a mix of melted chocolate and coconut oil. Comes out just how I like it, crunchy at first and then smooth.

  105. sonicmeerkat says:

    I used to love going to wendys, usually got the big bacon classic burger,last year they made the bun and patty much smaller; changed the pickles and onions, I haven’t gone there since.

  106. sth9669 says:

    I used to LOOOOVVVEEE the Quizno’s prime rib and peppercorn sub. That peppercorn sauce was amazingly delicious. I probably went there once a week for years for lunch at work. Then somewhere along the line in like 2009 they decided to take the sliced delicious prime rib that they would dip in au jus and put on your sub to go through the toaster and change it into basically crumbly disgusting steak-ums type meat. I can’t go back in there, it’s just disgusting and I sooooo miss those subs!

  107. Press1forDialTone says:

    I just don’t know, maybe it’s me, but the super-juicy, organic, naturally sweet
    orgasmically tasty golf ball sized photo perfect strawberries that I grow in
    my garden are just a teensy bit off for some reason……you know I’ve notice
    all fresh non-processed food is just not quite right; it all seems to be too perfect,
    too delicious, you know, too satisfying and worst of all, too healthy for me…..I’m just
    going to have to go back to fast food.

  108. timp says:

    Kraft French Onion Dip was my favorite Dip and then some “DIP”
    at Kraft thought it was a good idea to turn it into thin, runny, disgusting slop that is more like a salad dressing than a dip.

    PLEASE Kraft..,. give us back the Original French Opion Dip !

    • Maniacmous says:

      I want to know what happened to the Kraft Green Onion Dip – it was the greatest chip/veggie dip ever created, and now I can’t find it anywhere!

  109. timp says:

    Wendy changed their French Fries…. for the worse as far as I am concerned.

    They are now a much different texture and WAY too salty.

    But Burger King actually made their fries Better !

    • jsibelius says:

      That’s good because the last time Burger King started pushing “tastier” fries, they were terrible. Years later, I saw a Consumerist article that said nobody liked those fries, even though several fast food places were using them.

    • veritybrown says:

      I much prefer Wendys new fries. Burger King fries are NEVER salty enough to suit me, and McDonalds is hit and miss.

  110. timp says:

    Not a recipe change…. but I stopped going to Bertucci’s Pizza when they stopped making/service their Bertucci’s brand of beer.

    It made the meal for me.

  111. theSillyGirl says:

    Hungry Howie’s Pizza used to have a Garlic Salt crust that I loved for years & years and they decided to discontinue it & replace with a Garlic Herb grossness. The Garlic Salt crust was the only reason I was buying two pizzas or more a week from them.

    FiberOne Oats & Chocolate bars are delcious & I love them, but their new “improved with bigger chips” seems to have me ending up with less chocolate overall than I got when they were smaller chips, so it’s less enjoyable now.

    Ages ago, Meijer used to make fresh donuts in there stores each night (I know for a fact they did because I used to make them) but now it’s just stuff they ship in frozen, thaw & put on the shelves. Not even worth eating.

  112. theSillyGirl says:

    Oh, I’d almost forgotten this one! Milkshakes. I used to like to get BK & McD chocolate shakes, drink half & put the other half in freezer to eat later, but now if I want a shake, I have to remember so specify I don’t want whipped cream & a cherry on top! I didn’t order a sundae, I ordered a shake! What’s with this extra crap? And even if I remember to tell them not to add these things, I think the shake mix itself has been changed, too.

  113. Rick Sphinx says:

    Wendy’s Singles, now taste awful, don’t go there anymore.
    Papa Gino’s Pizza, had a Thick Crust with Parmasean cheese baked in the crust, they don’t make it anymore, so I don’t go there anymore. they always sold out of it, why not have it?
    McDonalds hamburgers made me sick everytime I ate one for about 2 years, ok now though.
    Miracle Whip, something changed, not as good.
    KFC’s chicken not as good.
    Hardee’s hand breaded chicken tenders is awful.
    Quizno’s bacon anyting is awful, bacon tastes bad.

  114. oldwiz65 says:

    Recipe changes often involve cost INcreases, not cost-cutting.

  115. AliceMaz says:

    I used to use Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup on tons of things. Then they changed the formula to make it “creamier.” Instead, they made it oily and stick-to-your-mouthy. It was disgusting. Luckily, the store brands haven’t seemed to have made the “creamier” change so I just buy those now. I grew up near a Campbell’s soup plant so it made me sad to stop buying their product.

    • Fleiki says:

      One of my favourite soups was Campbell’s Ox Tail. I loved the stuff. But they don’t make it anymore. Another childhood favourite, one that I chose as my birthday dinner one year, was Franco-American Macaroni and Cheese, the one with the long macaroni. I could eat it straight out of the can! Haven’t been able to find it in Canada in decades and apparently they stopped production in the U.S. in the late 90s. Heinz made a similar product but the sauce just wasn’t the same.

  116. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    How about when a place has an item that you love and then discontinues it? My wife loves Macaroni Grill for some reason, I think because she has 2 Italian Margaritas before she eats but I digress. I used to love the Italian Nachos then they took them away, never been back since.

    • SilentAgenger says:

      Ahh, Bella Napoli! (IIRC)…deep fried lasagna noodle goodness. That was one awesome appetizer. Sorry, it’s my fault that was discontinued. You see, every time I find something I really like, red flags are raised and sirens go off to signal whatever company that makes the item to immediately remove if from their store shelf or menu. Seriously, this happens all the time…it’s gotten to the point where if I find something I like, I keep my mouth shut out of fear of jinxing it. /s

      • Nemesis_Enforcer says:

        Yes I know what you mean. That happens to me too. We don’t eat out very often but I find things that I like and crave them, so when I go to a place and that item isnt available anymore it makes me bypass that place next time. We both miss the zucotto balls from Magianos’s, even if the food isn’t real Italian it is good.

  117. ItchyNScratchy says:

    How about the new Red Baron pizzas? Another “improved recipe!” that is so terrible I won’t be buying ever again.

  118. floyd fan says:

    The new french fries at Wendy’s. I loved the old fries, but can’t stand the new ones.

  119. OldJohnB says:

    offhand-Chef Boyardee abc’s and 123’s (yeah, I know, Chef Boyardee, don’t get your hopes up) used to be regular pasta, now it’s whole wheat. Unless you cook the heck out of it, it’s not good. Kraft Mac n’ Cheese-seriously, Kraft? Smart mac n’ cheese made out of cauliflower-nice try but no. Now they do extra fiber and omega-3’s or some such. Oh-and if you want good onion dip, mix a packet of french onion soup with a pint of sour cream or thick plain yogurt. let sit for about an hour, stir again and serve. Also good on baked potatoes…. you’re welcome

    John B

  120. Mark says:

    Oh…boy where to start

    Ice Cream – almost all use GMO’s(MILK) and GUAR GUM in their recipes Haagen Daaz uses sugar but uses GMO’s; you cannot win. Ben JErry’s loves the GUAR GUM. Of course the major betrayal was Breyer’s which destroyed a hundred years of Natural ice-cream by switching to the GUM and claiming they wanted better consistency.
    -GUAR GUM allows companies to give less ice-cream, as guar gum is really a filler. Prices go up, they give you less Ice-Cream and they show better profits for it because they word it so they can manipulate you.

    – Coke/Pepsi – HFCS destroyed the flavor and left me with a filmy residue on my teeth.

    – Store Brought CAKES ie Bakery Cakes and ENtermin’s – I challenge anybody to find products that has more unpronounceable products than cake products.

    – American Chocolate. Hershey has no taste. I tried a Hershey’s bar for the first time since, 2003, and it got worse. It was awful before, but now it’s uneatable.

    Capitalism, destroyed my food. Why can’t an all natural company compete?

    • Raider Duck says:

      20 years ago, Breyer’s actually ran ads where some guy read competitors’ ingredients lists out loud and specifically mocked them for using carageenan and guar gum.

      However, gotta disagree with you about HCFS. I’ve had the Mexican Coke right alongside its American counterpart noticed only a SLIGHT difference. Taste being necessarily subjective, YMMV.

      • Anna Kossua says:

        Breyer’s. They make me so mad… they used to have that “Real” seal on their dairy products; now, most of their ice cream flavors aren’t even called “ice cream” — they’re “Frozen Dairy Dessert.” Chocolate and vanilla are just about the only ones left that are real ice cream. I used to love their yogurt, but it went away.

        • Willow16 says:

          That was the only brand I would buy because they actually used cream and didn’t have all the fillers that other brands have. I haven’t bought any in a long time and didn’t know they changed. Ugh!

  121. sdnative says:

    This in not necessarily a recipe change but a item discontinuation. It was when KFC discontinued their rotisserie chicken in the mid-90’s. That was some amazing, tasty stuff. I heard it had to do with the coast of making the chicken.

  122. Sunrisecarole says:

    Anything and everything by Kraft. Used to like their cheese and other products…no more.

  123. Anna Kossua says:


    At least 90% of the yogurt in regular supermarkets is now low-fat or fat-free. The large, plain tubs and the Stonyfield baby yogurt are just about the only ones left. Even the stupid ones with candy in them are low-fat! There are a couple “hippie” brands like LIberté and Brown Cow still make the full-fat varieties, but the rest are changed.

    This is terrible because it’s all fake stuff now. More or less the ENTIRE food of yogurt is all diet food now. Imagine this with other foods: Cheese, ice cream, cakes and cookies. Potato chips — enjoy dripping oil out of your backside! Also, they thicken yogurt with gelatin, and many use artificial sweeteners, natural (ground-up beetles) color, and fake fruit. Yogurt was one of my favorite foods, but I refuse to eat diet food.

    • Willow16 says:

      I can’t stand that you can only buy the individual yogurts in low-fat or fat free. I buy the large container of whole milk yogurt and add my own fruit rather than the fake stuff.

  124. Paula1849 says:

    Hershey’s Chocolate. There used to be a time when a Hershey’s bar with nuts was a slice of heaven, but now ick.

  125. arkangel says:

    Wendy’s hamburgers. The bun isn’t as good, and there’s waaay too much mayo and ketchup on it now.

    Pretzel M&M’s. They changed them to have “more pretzel flavor”. This seems to mean there’s a lot less chocolate. It’s like trying to eat candy coated pretzels. The shell isn’t as crunchy either. Bleh.

  126. Spictorious says:

    Cookie Crisp, hands down. When Ralston-Purina made the cereal it actually tasted like cookies. General MIlls buys the rights to Cookie Crisp and forgot the recipe…damn cereal tastes like Cocoa Puffs, much like any garbage cereal they make that has any sign of chocolate flavoring.

  127. jsibelius says:

    Just bought this year’s birthday cake from Target. The frosting, which used to taste like buttercream, now tastes and feels like sugared Crisco. Very greasy. And heavy. Ugh… Going to a real bakery next year.

  128. Robert Scovill says:

    General Mills Ruins Liberte yogurt
    Dear Jeremy Gold, Leberte Yogurt made in Canada did not need any necessary or minimal changes. It was one of the best foods on the planet. No one opened a container after your manufacturing process to check for looks, taste and consistency? You sent out an inferior Liberte product to all Liberte devotees. This fact speaks loudly that General Mills has no clue or concern for all us that were used to a superior product produced in Canada. As a diabetic, the Liberte yogurt produced in Canada was my only vice. General Mills has taken from me the one food I looked forward to each and every day.