What Recipe Changes Have Turned You Off A Favorite Food Item For Good?

It’s probably happened to most of you at some point in your eating experience. You go to bite into — or take a sip of — an item you’ve come to really enjoy, only to find there is, say, more salt, or less chocolate, or just some new ingredient. And with that, the relationship is over…

Take, for example, the diners who are upset at Nathan’s world-famous hot dog eatery in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. Its usual potato supply has run dry, meaning it had to look elsewhere for tubers to turn into its signature crinkle-cut fries.

“I don’t like this and refuse to buy those fries again,” writes one former fan of Nathan’s. “They aren’t the fries I’ve been going there for all my life.”

Now, the Nathan’s recipe change is alleged to only be a temporary measure, but the food biz has a long history of tinkering with recipes — whether out of cost-cutting or out of attempts to innovate — with wildly varying degrees of success.

Anyone who lived through the brief New Coke debacle of the ’80s knows what we mean. Of course, some will say that both Coke and Pepsi’s decision to replace sugar with high fructose corn syrup is what drove them away.

So we wanted to know about the recipe changes that had you looking for new options. Maybe your favorite ice cream suddenly had fewer chocolate chips, or your favorite hot dog suddenly had a bizarre tangy flavor, or that pizza place you liked started putting things into the crust that had you raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

Whatever it was, tell us about it in the comments!

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