Spirit Airlines Boots Couple From Flight In Brouhaha Over Saggy Pants

Wearing what you want to wear on a flight so you can be comfortable is one thing, but is it worth verbally abusing a flight attendant and getting kicked off a plane? Spirit Airlines says a man got quite upset with an attendant after she asked him to pull up his sagging pants.

An airline spokeswoman said the man and a woman he was traveling with over the weekend threatened to physically harm the flight attendant who’d made the request. The attendant apparently said since they were hanging below his butt, they were “excessively low,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

While you’re free to choose your own apparel, the spokeswoman added that crew members may ask customers to comply with various requests if it’s in the best interest of the other customers. Their code says travelers have to wear shoes and “adequate” clothing. So in this case, the best interest the attendants saw was for no one else to see his backside, as it wasn’t being adequately covered by his pants.

Apparently the man didn’t feel like complying, so law enforcement officers arrived and escorted the two customers off the plane. The travelers apparently left on the next flight out. No word on whether he pulled his pants up for that trip.

Man leaves plane after dispute over his saggy pants [Chicago Tribune]

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