Sears Might Need Customers But Bears Are Not The Most Ideal Shoppers

Struggling retailer Sears should be cheered by the fact that it still has customers who want to check out its electronics — even if said customers happen to be fuzzy, 150 pounds and well, bears. A young brown bear wandered into a Sears over the weekend at a mall in Pittsburgh, but wasn’t even allowed to look around before it was tranquilized and taken away. Meanwhile, one of its furry friends showed up later for some grub.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says the first bear’s arrival at the Sears caused an evacuation of the mall on Saturday night, when it wandered across the parking lot and through the store’s doors. It was wearing a tracking collar and was tranquilized by wildlife conservation officers.

Less than two hours later, a larger 150- to 300-pound bear showed up near the mall’s Olive Garden. Those breadsticks do call out to you, don’t they? However, that bear got away from officers.

“The second bear was not captured,” said an officer who has been following the bears around. “The Game Commission officers did not come out last night because the mall had closed and it wasn’t a major concern.”

The bear showed up again on Sunday night and backed up traffic in the area by stopping on a guardrail in the middle of a highway, and managed to elude Game Commission Officers yet again.

*Thanks for the tip, Josh!

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