San Francisco Restaurant Flips The Bird To California Foie Gras Ban

Earlier this month, California’s ban on foie gras kicked in, leaving fans of duck/goose liver wondering where they would get their next fix. Now one restaurant in San Francisco says it will sell foie gras because it isn’t beholden to California state laws.

See, the Presidio Social Club is located inside the Presidio, former military base, setting of kick-ass Mark Harmon movie, and current national park. Thus, claims the restaurant, its menu is not governed by legislators in Sacramento.

“We’re not trying to exploit a loophole or out to break the law,” the owner, who did not have foie gras on the menu before the July 1 ban, tells the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Social Club’s move could move other restaurants — located in national parks or in casinos on reservation land — to begin selling the delicacy.

Of course, it could be all for nothing. A judge in L.A. is expected to rule in the coming weeks on whether to grant a temporary restraining order against enforcing the ban while a lawsuit over the new rule is pending.

Presidio restaurant says it can serve foie gras

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