Chevrolet Hopes No-Haggle Pricing & 60-Day Return Policy Will Lure Car Buyers

General Motors knows July and August will be important months for Chevrolet, as it’s the time when many vehicles make the switch from 2012 models to 2013 models. That’s why the company is rolling out two new plans to try and bring customers to its dealerships, including a no-haggle pricing plan and a 60-day return policy on certain vehicles.

The programs are an attempt to woo buyers who might not be totally convinced they want a Chevrolet, or even to buy a new car given tough economic times. GM shelled out a lot of dough to upgrade its dealerships, and the head honchos want customers to find their way into the spiffy new spaces, with the hope that the improved atmosphere will inspire confidence and lead to a new car sale.

The “Love it or Return it” program will allow customers in July and August to return new models within 60 days of purchase, if those cars meet certain conditions.

Then there’s the “Total Confidence Pricing” for its 2012 vehicles, which will set prices at around the same price GM offers to employees of its auto parts suppliers, reports Reuters. That no-haggle policy was a mainstay of GM’s Saturn vehicles, until it folded in 2009 after bankruptcy.

Chevrolet is important to GM — it has accounted for 73% of the 1.32 million new vehicles the company has sold in the U.S. so far in 2012.

Chevrolet offers return guarantee, no-haggle pricing for U.S. buyers [Reuters]


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