As some Consumerist readers have noted, the site has been down twice in the past week
and we promised an explanation, which follows.

We first took the site down late Wednesday afternoon, when we were alerted to a security
concern. The site was then cleaned and cleared by our security experts, and put back
online within about two hours.

Last night, we detected a new problem and took the site down for another five hours in
order to address that issue.

To limit security concerns, the Consumerist is now operating in a mode that does not
permit commenting. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

As both a precaution and as a best practice, we strongly advise that you change your
password at any site where you use the same password as Consumerist. You cannot
change your password at Consumerist yet due to the no-comment mode, but we will alert
you when that changes.

For information about how to create a strong password from our sister-site
Consumer Reports, click here and here.

For information about how to scan your computer, click here.

Thanks to readers who have reached out to us with assistance on this matter. We
appreciate your attention and support and apologize for the down time as we continue
working to resolve this problem.

Those who wish to contact Consumerist on this matter should write to

– Consumerist Security Team


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