Mom Says Jolly Ranchers “Crunch ‘N Chew” Candy Got Its Texture From A Rusty Razor Blade

Candy surprises are only good when they involve candy showing up when you least expect it, not when your bag of sweets surprises you with say, an old, rusty razor blade that could cut you while you’re reaching for a treat. A California woman claims she found a grody old razor blade hanging out in her bag of Jolly Ranchers “Crunch ‘N Chew,” mixed right in with the candy.

ABC 7 says she claims to have picked up the offending bag from a Safeway, and that it was completely sealed when she opened it at home.

“I was all excited to try them out. Opened it up, ate two pieces first, went back in for my third piece and pulled this right out of the bag and was just in disbelief,” she told the station about finding the dull, rusty blade which had some white tape wrapped around it and hardened granules of old candy clinging to the metal. Simply delectable.

As one would do when unexpectedly happening upon a razor blade in a bag of food sold for consumption, the woman says she called the cops as well as the candy’s maker, the Hershey Company. The consolation they offered her was the exact wrong thing.

“They offered me three bags of candy replacement and I was like, ‘I don’t want anything. I just want to know this isn’t going to happen again. I just want to know that kids are going to be safe,'” she said.

Giving someone bags of candy identical to the one where you found a razor blade would be like if Six Flags had offered unlimited roller coaster rides to people who had just been stuck on a roller coaster for two hours. Which it, at least, did not.

Hershey’s statement on the incident reads:

“Food safety and the well-being of our customers is a top priority for The Hershey Company. We were contacted by the customer yesterday regarding this incident and immediately began reviewing our processes related to our JOLLY RANCHER CRUNCH ‘N CHEW Candy. We have apologized to the customer and, while there was no injury, we take this situation seriously. We believe this is an isolated case and accidental in nature. We will be taking the needed actions to prevent this happening in the future.”

The woman says she just hopes Hershey changes something because probably no one ever wants a razor blade in a bag of candy.

“I just want to make sure they’re taking it seriously so children don’t grab this and find a shank knife inside of it,” she said.

*Thanks for the tip, David!

Santa Clara woman finds shank in bag of candy [ABC 7 News]

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