Kroger Thinks You Might Want To Pay More For A 10-Pack Of Razors Than Two 5-Packs

Store aisles can be so confusing! Do I want a five-pack of razor cartridges for my Gillette Mach 3 razor or a 10-pack? This sign says both are at a low price, so that must be good. I’ll always want razors, so why not just stock up? So do I want the convenience of one 10-pack or two five-packs? Easy decision, points out Consumerist reader Jeremy via our tipster app, since Kroger didn’t really bother to do good math.

Buying the 10-pack of razor cartridges will run you a cool $27.99, about $2.79 per cartridge, which isn’t too shabby. But wait — one five-pack is only $12.59, so buying two of those would run about $25.18. Let’s get this straight: $25.18 for 10 razors or $27.99 for 10 razors.

The decision practically makes itself, once you do the math. Ahem, Kroger.

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