I Messed Up Online Promotion But Papa John’s Still Gives Me Free Pizza

With all the shrugging and “Too bad, so sad” responses we hear from companies when a customer has a problem, it’s always a happy moment to hear about a business going the extra mile to be good to its customers. In Consumerist reader Matt’s case, he admits he majorly biffed a Papa John’s promotion, but he still ended up with free pizza. Score!

Matt says he was trying to use a promotion on Facebook, wherein if you “Like” Papa John’s page, you go through a promotional link, order a pizza for $10 and earn 25 Papa Points which are good for a free pizza on your next order.

That’s when everything went wrong, says Matt, and it was all his fault. He writes:

I was checking out the promo, clicked through, and saw that the promo was applied. However, I wasn’t ready to order yet, so I backed out. I then saw that my code was invalid since I had clicked through — woe is me.

I emailed PJ customer service and, instead of giving me a new code, they gave me a code for 25 Papa Points straight up! I messed up and they gave me a free pizza — I guess they could see I’d ordered quite a few pies in the past.

Not only did Papa John’s hand over the points but the customer service rep also apologized to Matt for the experience he encountered while ordering online. So let’s get this straight — he made a mistake, and Papa John’s apologizes and gives him free pizza. Awesome.

Sometimes customer loyalty, like flattery, will get you everywhere. This “everywhere” just happens to be in happy free pizza land.

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