Virgin Mobile, Sprint, And The Phantom Voicemail

Brian is haunted. No matter what he does, a phantom voicemail is always there on his Virgin Mobile phone. Notifying him of its existence every fifteen minutes, without actually existing. Making his phone vibrate and give audio alerts. Providing him with constant reminders of something that isn’t there. It’s incredibly frustrating, and all Virgin Mobile can do is bounce him back and forth between them and Sprint.

He writes:

A month ago I switched phones on Virgin Mobile from the Motorola Triumph to the HTC Evo V 4G. Ever since I’ve used my new phone, there has been a voicemail notification saying I have 1 new voicemail…the only problem is I don’t actually have a voicemail. I get audible and vibrating notifications of this phantom voicemail every 15 minutes or so.

I have been in contact with Virgin Mobile constantly, and they keep saying I will get a call back from their network engineers within 72 hours. I have yet to receive a call from them.

My new phone is basically a Sprint phone, so technical support has to come from Sprint – Virgin Mobile basically acts as the middleman relaying information between Sprint and me. Every time I call, there is a 72 hour period where Sprint responds to the problem.

I have literally spent hours on the phone with Virgin Mobile, and though I have been very patient with them, I’m tired of these same issues a month later. Why can’t Virgin Mobile get their act together and fix this issue? Is it a phone issue? Replace the phone then. Is it an account issue? Fix it then.

I just keep getting told that Virgin Mobile’s hands are tied because the support has to come from Sprint. I have and pay for service with Virgin Mobile, why can’t they fix my simple problem?

I currently have to wait another 24 hours and am required to call them back to get any update.

During another reader’s struggle with Virgin Mobile, we obtained the social media assistance address Maybe that information will be helpful to Brian, or to another Virgin customer haunted by network problems and ineffective tech support.

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