At This Walmart, Three And A Half Pretty Much Equals Five

I thought the idea behind having all of these computers around was that they were supposed to do the math for us. Correctly. A Reddit user snapped this picture of some fuzzy math at the self-checkout. Either the computer thinks that someone buying a pile of Lunchables and gum isn’t very quick on the uptake, or something is very wrong here.

We reached out to Walmart to find out what the actual situation is, and will update this post when we find out.

Walmart Math, How many people could be loosing to walmart on this? [Reddit]


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  1. yx says:


  2. Anon3245 says:

    At Consumerist, 3.5 =3.

  3. suezahn says:

    A happy accident?

  4. Kabusted says:

    Walmart may be against the credit card swipe fees settlement, but that’s because they want you to make minimum purchases. If you don’t meet the minimum, that’s okay. They’ll just upcharge the totals to get you there and keep the rest for themselves. Itsallgood.

  5. Murph1908 says:

    Computer programmed by King Arthur. Or Graham Chapman.

  6. bbb111 says:

    Maybe something triggered a few blank lines and the other items are off screen (I’ve gotten paper receipts that have blank space and it wasn’t always the clerk hitting the “feed” button.

    • dragonpancakes says:

      good point bbb111 could be a simple scrolling issue too, where the total will always be shown but the items under the third gum may not be shown

  7. afl5814 says:

    Maybe the machine adds the taxes?

  8. Lucky225 says:

    absurdly high Sales tax perhaps?

  9. ReverendTed says:

    There’s a quote in the Reddit thread that suggests the photo is deliberately misleading by abusing a quirk of the software:

    “This will likely be buried, but…
    This picture is an example of an opportunistic photo op. As you scan an item on self checkout at Walmart, the price updates slightly before the item list. Scan an item, snap a picture before the list updates…instant Walmart hate karma.
    Source: I support the software and machines these run on.”