A Mobile Phone Warranty Isn’t The Same Thing As Insurance

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S. went to buy an iPhone from Best Buy, and let the salesperson talk her into Best Buy’s warranty rather than AppleCare. That more expensive warranty covers accidental damage, but it’s not an insurance plan, which would cover lost or stolen phones. The salesman didn’t make this clear to S. And that’s really too bad, because as she left the store with her new phone, she was robbed. The warranty, of course, didn’t cover the theft.

Last week I purchased an iPhone from Best Buy and the salesman convinced me to buy the 229.00 warranty because it covers unlimited replacements for 2 years.

I specifically replied I thought you can only claim 1 lost or stolen phone per contract. He replied with this unlimited warranty your phone will get replaced unlimited times even if you drop it in the toilet. (Unfortunately, I took his reply to include the lost or stolen phone
would be replaced).

I purchased my iPhone and placed it in my purse then left the store and walked a few feet from the door to my car at 11:00 a.m. on a sunny day.

A robber in the store watched me place the phone in my purse and when I reached my car outside he robbed me.

I returned to the store and told the manager what had happened. The store will not replace the phone that I owned for the two minutes.

To my shock I was told their cameras did not record the theft because the angle does not point towards the cars in the parking lot.

I am angry because they have a huge screen at the door that gives people the impression that their parking lot is under camera surveillance recording BUT obviously IT IS NOT.

The local police should know whether those surveillance cameras are recording the parking lot or not. Depending on how much effort they put into investigating the stolen phone, they would be able to obtain the footage.

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