Chick Fil-A Denies Creating Facebook Account To Defend Company In Comments

As we mentioned briefly in our earlier story about Chick fil-A, the Internet is abuzz with accusations that the fast food chain created a bogus Facebook user to go into the comments with the intention of defending the company. But a rep for Chick fil-A tells Consumerist it has nothing to do with this fictional fan.

“I can confirm that Chick-fil-A has not created a false Facebook page of any kind,” a rep for the company tells Consumerist in an e-mailed statement. “Our official corporate Facebook page continues to be our only one.”

This latest to-do began overnight when people noticed something was amiss about the Facebook account for a woman who was defending Chick fil-A’s recall of Jim Henson Company toys from its restaurants, saying the recall was “weeks before” Henson decided to end its relationship with Chick fil-A on July 20.

An eagle-eyed Facebooker was able to track down the picture used for that person’s account and discovered that it was actually taken from a stock photo site.

Of course, just because the image is a stock photo doesn’t necessarily mean the company is behind the bogus account. It could be an employee, an outside vendor… or just someone who feels really strongly about chicken sandwiches.