Probation For Lottery Winner Who Continued To Collect Food Stamps

Remember the Michigan woman who was charged with fraud because she continued to collect welfare and food stamps even after she won the lottery? Well, a decision has been reached in the case and she has been sentenced to six months’ probation.

The woman, who received $735,000 for winning the lottery, made headlines earlier this year when she not only admitted that she had continued to receive welfare benefits but justified her actions by saying, “I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay… I have two houses.”

Between the time she won the lottery and the time her benefits were cut off, the woman received around $5,475 from the state. She has since repaid that amount.

When the goof became news in April, the Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a law requiring the lottery folks to provide the Dept. of Human Services people with a list of lottery winners so that this kind of mistake wouldn’t happen again.

Lincoln Park lottery winner on welfare gets probation [Detroit News]

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