AT&T Tech Support Thinks I’m Two Inches Tall And Live Inside My PO Box

AT&T tech support thinks that Aaron is a very small man. A few inches tall, at most. He could live in a dollhouse. That’s because his billing address is a post office box. He was very interested to learn that receiving mail there means that he is making calls from inside the PO Box, which is probably why his signal is so terrible. Not that he can tell, because he’s probably crushed under his phone somewhere.

He originally posted this on Facebook to delight and amuse his friends.

Ok AT&T…

I think I need to come work for your Tier 2 Technical Support.

Why you ask?

Because the Tier 1 tech support person told me…

“Well, [you’re] probably getting bad service in the area because you have your billing address listed as a PO Box.”

Shocked at what I just heard, I replied politely with “So, because I have my *bill* sent to a PO Box instead of my physical location, my *phones* won’t work right?”

She replied with “Yes. If you’re using your phone in the PO Box, then you’re probably having issues with the structure you’re in interfering with the signal”

Having the image of a super large PO Box from which I’m trying to make cell phone calls in my head and trying not to laugh out loud at her, I explained to her a little more pointedly “I will not accept the fact that just because the address on my bill is not where I physically use the phone that this affects service. I know you probably are just reading me a response, so I understand why you may have said that. But, I’m not going to accept that as the answer.”

This was the point at which she replied “I didn’t read that response, sir.”


After that, I was promptly sent to Tier 2 support, the tech which was very friendly, gave me a few tests to run, couldn’t figure out the problem and sent it on to Tier 3 support for the to get back with me in a few days once they send a tech out to the tower.

In summary, that single-handedly had to be THE poorest “make something up just to get them off the phone” tech support excuse I’ve heard since I first called a tech support line over 20 years ago… and the scariest part was that it was a domestic telephone operator!

To be fair, “basic understanding of how the world works” isn’t a required class in high school or in tech support phone rep school.

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