Chase To Disabled Veteran: Sorry For Making You Do All That Paperwork For A Loan We Don’t Offer

There’s nothing quite like slogging through tons of paperwork for months in pursuit of something very, very important, and then having the rug just pulled out from under you, is there? A disabled veteran says his bank, Chase, executed just such a disappointing move while he was trying to buy a home under a special Illinois loan program for veterans.

Gordon is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, reports CBS Chicago, and spent four years in the Marines. During that time, he was disabled. He’s trying to buy a home through Welcome Home Heroes, but has been given the runaround by Chase, including delays and unanswered phone calls.

He says at first, he thought it was the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s fault, because Chase told him so. Turns out Chase is the one to blame, because it shouldn’t even have told him it could help him with the program in the first place.

“Two months I went through all their paperwork nightmare, just to find out they don’t even do it; and then what really bothers me the most is that they weren’t honest with me,” Gordon said. “I don’t know why they would say the whole problem is the state of Illinois when the problem was, they don’t even offer this loan in the first place.”

He says Chase kept stringing him along and promising to help him, resulting in a lot of wasted time.

“Welcome home to no home for you,” Gordon says of the ordeal.

Veteran: Bank Giving Me Run-Around On Home Loan Program [CBS Chicago]


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