13-Year-Old Left In Parked Car Goes On Destructive Rampage, Parks On Top Of Another Car

Just about everyone has done it: leave kids in the car, even for just a minute or two, with the keys still in the ignition so the air conditioning, heat, or radio can keep running. For people without kids, surely your own parents left you in the car with the keys at some point. Or maybe they never did, fearing that something would go terribly wrong. Like when a Michigan teen with the keys to her grandmother’s car launched a one-girl demolition derby in the parking lot of a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She hit a utility pole and a few parked cars before eventually nestling the vehicle sideways between two other parked cars.

“I thought it was a police-(sponsored) anti-drunk driving program or something,” one shopper told a reporter for MLive.

13-year-old drives on top of other car: woodtv.com

I don’t know about you, but I’ve paid good money to see less entertaining driving at monster truck events.

The girl was uninjured, but taken to the hospital for a panic attack. She will face criminal charges, and her grandmother might as well.

Witnesses describe bizarre scene at The Lakes Mall, where 13-year-old girl launched vehicle onto another [MLive] (Thanks, Jack!)
13-year-old drives on top of other car [WOOD]

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