Cab Company Balks At Cleaning Up After Driver Caught Pooping On Sidewalk

You may already have heard about the icky cab driver here in Philadelphia who was caught on camera using a street corner as his personal pooping ground. What you may not know is that — even though the man and his cab company have been identified — no one has come out to actually do much about removing all the offending fecal matter.

The cabbie was spotted copping a squat on a street corner in Philly’s Southwest Center City late Friday night. And the cab company claims it has dismissed the driver, while the local taxi authority considers whether or not to revoke his license.

And yet, the man whose house looks out on the spot where the illegal dumping occurred tells the Philadelphia Daily News that the first crew sent to clean up the mess did an unacceptable job — “crappy” was the term the Daily News used — and that the cab company promised to send out a second crew.

As of Tuesday night, no proper power washing had occurred and no one at the cab company was returning calls on the subject.

For those with a sick curiosity, below is the actual video. We haven’t watched it because… yuck. But according to the YouTube page, the action begins around the 1:30 mark.

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