Turns Out Gas Station Has A Habit Of Over-Charging Customers By Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars

It may not have been just a freaky set of circumstances that led to a man having over $84,000 charged to his bank card after buying $30 of gas last week. That same Nashville gas station has seen a few other overcharges that also reached into the high tens of thousands.

NewsChannel 5 in Nashville broke the news of the outrageous charge last week, which resulted in the customer being locked out of his Citibank account for days while the snafu was cleared up. The news team has now dug up a few other customers with tales of outrageous charges at that same location.

One woman says she bought a coffee drink and pre-paid for gas, spending $22.47 on her debit card. But on her bank statement, that charge showed up as $58,278.35.

Another case found a man buying $10 of gas and getting charged $84,073.85, in a similar amount as the other man. In all three cases, the banks processed the charges on the debit cards, leaving the customers seriously overdrawn.

The woman who was charged around $58K says she’s mad that the company was aware of the problem and she still had to fight to get her money bank.

“The people at corporate just didn’t seem at all concerned that they had wiped my bank account completely and were in really no hurry to get it fixed,” she said.

The company released a statement concerning the overcharges on the original customer’s debit card:

Credit and debit card transactions are processed and settled by third parties. When we discover a processing error at our stores, we often resolve the issue quickly and with no harm to our customer.

We believe [the customer’s] problem is the result of miscommunication between the third party debit card processor and his bank. The incorrect amount was not funded to [the gas station company], and our efforts are focused on helping him address the issue with his bank. We are, and have been, in regular communication with [the customer] on this issue.

Errors in electronic transactions are rare, but like any other type of transaction, errors sometimes occur. These errors can result from a variety of reasons, including technical failure and human error. Some of our customers have experienced issues similar to [the customer]. We believe these issues are limited to a few of our stores where a major oil company acts as the third party card processor. We do not believe that any of these issues are related to the [gas company] Rewards loyalty card. We are, and have been, in regular communication with these customers. All issues known to us have either been resolved or are expected to be resolved soon. We apologize for any inconvenience these issues are causing.

As always, we remain committed to providing safe, secure and accurate credit transaction capabilities at our stores and are constantly seeking ways to improve our technology to better serve our customers.

More Customers Find Outrageous Charges  [NewsChannel 5]

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