Midwest To Play Guinea Pigs In Test Of Malt-Flavored Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, long treated like the haggard, unemployed cousin of the big brand sodas, is about to try to go up-market with the test of a pricier, malt-flavored variety of the drink called “Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold.”

Named after the Tennessee town that gave birth to the original Mountain Dew (long before it became “Mtn Dew” and ages before the introduction of colorful varieties like Code Red), a PepsiCo rep tells Reuters that it will “have a malt flavor with kick of lemon-lime.”

Starting in August, it will go on sale in Kroger and 7-Eleven stores throughout the vaguely defined “Midwest.” People in Denver and Charlotte, NC, will also get to sample the stuff.

It’s expected that a can of Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold will retail for about $.50 more than what people pay for good-old Mountain Dew.

Of course, the first people to send us photos and/or initial impressions of this drink will earn our undying love and affection.

Mountain Dew to test malt-flavored version in Midwest [Reuters]


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  1. Blueskylaw says:

    Don’t forget to serve it with a wedge of Jalapeno pepper to really bring that good taste out.

  2. dorianh49 says:

    “Johnson” and “Gold” should not be in the names of ANY malt-flavored beverages.

  3. dirtleg says:

    Sounds utterly disgusting. I will be looking for it immediately in STL (we’re midwest, right?) to give it a try.

    Yahooo! Mountain Dew!

    • Rifter says:

      I don’t know… I’d love to try it. Beer is just water, yeast, malt. The malt is very sweet, and the yeast turns it into alcohol. Without the yeast, Mtn dew would be sweetened with a bit more… I don’t know, interesting taste. Malt, ultimately, is just a sweetener.

  4. Diabolos needs more socks says:

    Nobody at Pepsi reads the Onion? NOBODY?


    (Specifically, the last time of the article)

  5. TrustAvidity says:

    I think I’d rather have the AM stuff from Taco Bell.

  6. Nobby says:

    “Johnson City Gold” sounds so tasty.

  7. Lyn Torden says:

    I’d be happy buying more junk drink if they’d just actually get my favorite White-Out on the shelves and in the 24 oz plastic bottle form.

  8. ferozadh says:

    I want that Gold all over my face!

  9. Nobby says:

    Will the 2 liter size be known as “Big Johnson City Gold”.

  10. Nobby says:

    Chicago has an awesome area known as “Boys Town”. If they ever decide to change the name, Johnson City could work well.

  11. Platypi {Redacted} says:

    “Now, what do you have to wash that awful taste out of my mouth?”
    “Mountain Dew or Crab Juice.”
    “Blecch! Ew! Sheesh! I’ll take a crab juice.”

  12. Jawaka says:

    I wish they’d spend a little time developing diet varieties of the flavors that they already have.

  13. cameronl says:

    For malt flavored soda, just head down the spanish aisle of your local supermarket. Tasty stuff.

  14. dolemite says:

    Oh, I thought it was Mt. Dew flavored alcohol. Which could be very bad for my non-drinking.

  15. SavijMuhdrox says:

    The head honchos of Mountain Dew.. a very brainy few, thought for a minute or two, on what name they could embue, for this flavor that was new.. Let’s call it..

    Johnson City Gold…

    damn it.. and what goes in a toaster? BREAD!

  16. MeowMaximus says:

    DO WANT! Crud, I don’t live in of any of the test markets,

  17. Kestris says:

    I’ll be in MIchigan in late August, so will have to keep an eye out for it. That is, if Michigan is still considered part of that vague ‘Midwest’ region.

  18. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    “Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold”

    With a name like that, how can it possibly lose?

  19. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I just want the diet Code Red back in PA. Damn you, Pepsico!

  20. history_theatrestudent says:

    So you want me to try a new product and pay more for it? I’m think you want to take the drug pusher route, and get me to try the new product by having the first one (or few) be at a discount.

  21. One-Eyed Jack says:

    What? No “Johnson City Gold” in Johnson City? I feel gypped. You want some tasty soda that’s actually from Johnson City, try Dr. Enuf.

  22. sweetientenn says:

    I live in “Johnson City” and I can’t wait to try it. Bu with it being malt-flavored I don’t think I will like it.

  23. Draw2much says:

    I don’t like Mountain Dew, but I love malt. I’d be willing to try one if they ever move their testing farther west….

  24. mikeami says:

    I think they should call it “New Coke”, Oh wait…… Never mind.

    Jesus was a SOCIALIST