Taco Bell Uses Alaska Town’s Love Of The Chain For New Ad Campaign

There isn’t an ad agency in the world who could dream up a more perfect real-life setting for a feel-good ad campaign than what went down in Bethel, Alaska. Which is why we’re totally unsurprised that Taco Bell has whipped up a new ad featuring the little town that was tricked by fake news of a getting a Taco Bell, only to have the restaurant airlift in 10,000 Doritos Locos tacos.

The new ad shows the collective emotional journey of excitement, disappointment and unbridled taco joy the town went through in its 30 seconds, but there’s also a longer sort of “behind the story” video on Taco Bell’s YouTube to make sure we all know just how fantastic it was for the residents to finally get their mouths on some tacos.

Whoever that original trickster was plastering flyers all around town about the fake Taco Bell arriving, we’re sure the company would like to give you a hearty high five for such a perfect  opportunity to spread the warm fuzzy fast food feelings.

Watch both the ad and the behind-the-scenes video below.

*Thanks for the heads up, Erie!

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