One Surefire Way To Destroy Your Attic Is By Fighting Spiders With A Blowtorch

When a broom or shoe just won’t do to kill spiders and/or rid your home of their cobwebs, we beg you, do not take matters into your own fire-weapon wielding hands. A man trying to clear his yard of cobwebs picked up a blowtorch and began blasting away, causing a fire that severely damaged his home.

The California man reportedly used a propane blowtorch in his backyard, which then ignited dry plants and started a fire in the attic. The man didn’t realize his home had caught fire and went into the front yard. His brother-in-law then noticed smoke coming from the top of the house, reports

The family all made it outside by the time the fire spread, and luckily no one was injured. Firefighters cut a hole in the roof to draw the fire upward, but by the time it was extinguished the home had suffered $25,000 in damages. The family doesn’t have insurance, and won’t be able to stay in the home for the time being because of destroyed electrical wiring.

A cautionary tale if ever we’ve heard one.

Man sets house ablaze while killing spiders with blowtorch []

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