San Francisco Restaurant Flips The Bird To California Foie Gras Ban

Earlier this month, California’s ban on foie gras kicked in, leaving fans of duck/goose liver wondering where they would get their next fix. Now one restaurant in San Francisco says it will sell foie gras because it isn’t beholden to California state laws.

See, the Presidio Social Club is located inside the Presidio, former military base, setting of kick-ass Mark Harmon movie, and current national park. Thus, claims the restaurant, its menu is not governed by legislators in Sacramento.

“We’re not trying to exploit a loophole or out to break the law,” the owner, who did not have foie gras on the menu before the July 1 ban, tells the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Social Club’s move could move other restaurants — located in national parks or in casinos on reservation land — to begin selling the delicacy.

Of course, it could be all for nothing. A judge in L.A. is expected to rule in the coming weeks on whether to grant a temporary restraining order against enforcing the ban while a lawsuit over the new rule is pending.

Presidio restaurant says it can serve foie gras


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  1. Ben says:


  2. dullard says:

    Go after the supplier.

  3. wheeitsme2 says:


    I don’t usually agree with “If you can’t change people’s minds, legislate away their choices”. And not only because of the fact that there will always be loopholes.

    I worked in Yosemite for many years. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t understand that while the park is in California it is not a part of California.

    And that the National Park Service is the ultimate authority inside a national park. You want them not to serve Foie Gras inside the Presidio? Talk to the Park Superintendent. Outside of a literal act of congress, that’s your only option.

    • MeowMaximus says:

      California is so effed up, they have no business wasting money on stupid legislation like this. I don’t care how you feel about Foie Gras, its the principal of the thing. And, by the way, Foie Gras is delicious!

  4. Hi_Hello says:

    I think we should use every part of an animal.

    The only problem with duck liver, is the force feeding part.

    But there are other problems with how this country feed their livestock…

  5. shepd says:

    Anything that breaks the barriers limiting free choice is a good thing.

    • RayanneGraff says:

      In that case I’ll just go ahead & punch everyone in the face who pisses me off, cause laws against physical assault limit my free choice to seek satisfaction.

      • dks64 says:


        • aerodawg says:

          Look at that. Two people in a row who don’t understand that the only acceptable limits to free choice are based around instances where you harm someone else, like say punching them in the face, criteria that foie gras doesn’t meet….

      • Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

        I hope you can outrun a bullet.

        • shepd says:

          I hoped people here were intelligent enough to understand free choice ends when it prevents someone else from exercising their freedom from personal violence.

          Clearly, I was wrong.

      • Cerne says:

        So tell me did you become that stupid as the result of some accident or is it a genetic disorder?

      • shepd says:

        That’s fine, as long as they gave up their free choice not to be punched. I have nothing against a good old fashioned duel.

        Or were you just going to punch them against their will? You see, that’s not free choice. That’s being an idiot.

  6. GitEmSteveDaveHatesChange says:

    Wait, if you can use Kanuckistani Geese to make foie gras, then they should totally lift the ban, and make more of it. Because I can’t stand those border crossing bastards.

  7. bnceo says:

    This is why we can drink at Sandy Hook, NJ. Because it’s on federal property and there is no federal alcohol restrictions, we can drink alcohol on the beach. It’s great. No more nanny state in this small part. Only restriction is no glass bottles. Everything else is fair game.

  8. Abradax says:

    Eff California’s rules.

    If they complain, claim to be a sanctuary restaurant.

    After all, rules don’t apply to you if you claim you are a sanctuary, right?

  9. coffeeculture says:

    Not a moment too soon! Can’t wait ’til this stupid law disappears. We were already making plans to pool money and buy foie gras in Nevada and then bringing it for preparation at restaurants in SF.

    Between the federal jurisdiction thing, lack of enforcement, and “paying for crackers” and getting free foie gras…I think we’re good.

  10. Tim says:

    Just because the federal government owns the land doesn’t mean that state law doesn’t apply.

    There are no federal laws against prostitution (unless you bring someone over state lines for prostitution). Is prostitution legal in national parks? States handle marriages, not the federal government. So does that mean you can’t get married in a national park?

    The federal government owns a lot of land, between parks, national forests, military bases, government buildings and other possessions. In at least five states, it owns more than half of the land. Does that mean state law doesn’t apply there?

    • Cor Aquilonis says:

      ^ Worthy of investigation.

    • wheeitsme2 says:

      On federal land, federal law takes precedent. And in National Parks and Forests, the ultimate authority is the National Park Service. They answer only to the full Congress of the United States.

      And you can’t get married in a National Park unless you have received permission from the National Park Service. (note the non-refundable application fee in Yosemite)

      I’m guessing prostitution isn’t legal because you have to have a business permit from the NPS and they are not about to give one to a brothel.

      I especially like how there are ways that you can legally HAVE a firearm in the park, but actually firing it for any reason is illegal. LOL.

  11. VeganPixels says:

    Lotsa diseased organ shills up in hurr …