Gas Station Cashier Doesn’t Care If You’re Trying To Rob The Place, You’ve Got To Wait In Line

Even if you’re in a hurry to rob a gas station, manners are still important. Which is why a cashier at a Speedway in Michigan told a would-be robber she’d have to get to the back of the line, despite the fact that the woman claimed she had a gun. The rules are important to fellow customers, after all.

The Detroit Free Press says the suspect came in at about 12:45 a.m. with a shirt pulled up over her head, and approached the cashier. She said it was a stick-up , claimed she had a gun and demanded money, cops say.

Instead of caving or quailing in the face of potential danger, the cashier simply told the woman there was a line and she’d have to get in it, because other people were waiting. Any robbing to be done would need to wait until it was her turn in line.

Although the woman walked around the counter, the cashier said she was calling police, which caused the suspect to flee the gas station.

While this situation turned out okay and without any injuries, we’re still not sure we’d have the guts to sass anyone who claimed to be packing a weapon, bad manners or no.

Police: Cashier says ‘no’ to would-be robber, orders her to get back in line [Detroit Free Press]

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