Don’t Try To Sell Your Target Gift Card For Cash Inside The Store

When Heather tried to sell her son’s old crib, she learned that it had been recalled and contacted the retailer, Target, to find out how to get a refund. She was told that if she brought the crib to a Target store, she would receive a refund on the spot. What she wasn’t told is that the refund would be in the form of a Target gift card. With the nearest store an hour away, she doesn’t visit regularly and has no use for a gift card. She’s on a tight budget and has more use for cash. She tried to find a fellow customer to buy it from her until store management asked her to stop. From their point of view, she brought in a recalled item without understanding Target’s policies, and was soliciting customers inside the store, attempting to sell her gift card for cash.

She writes:

I live 60 miles away from my nearest Target store, and am a single mom on a very limited income. I was selling my son’s convertible crib in the paper and discovered that it had been recalled. My Mother had purchased the crib at Target in early 2007, so I called them up to find out what I needed to do.

The girl I spoke with told me that I would get a refund for the crib. I then asked her if I would get the refund right away or if I had to wait for it to arrive in the mail. I then explained to her that I wouldn’t be able to come with out the refund because of the expense of the trip. She assured me I would get it right away.

So I made the trip and returned the recalled crib. When I went to the counter to get my refund, I was told that I could only get a gift card to the store. I haven’t shopped at Target since gas has skyrocketed and I can no longer afford to make the 120 mile round trip! I tried to explain this to them, that I was under the impression that I would be able to get cash and when I didn’t know the girl’s name, to whom I had spoken, they accused me of being a liar.

Well, I believe there is always a way so, I decided that maybe I could find someone who would be willing to trade my $260 card for $200. I approached a handful of people and had little luck. Then, the managers came out and told me that I had to stop, kept insisting there was nothing they could do, kept telling me that I was a liar, had me in tears and did not care AT ALL that I WAS one of their customers. All they had to say was that I was disrupting their customers. I won’t ever go in that store again… Worst. Experience. Ever.

It would make more sense to find a friend or relative to take the gift card, or to sell it on a reputable gift card exchange site. Target’s recall exchange policy isn’t surprising considering their ironclad return policy, and it’s too bad that Heather had to be stuck this way.

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