Would-Be Soda Thief Gets Arm Stuck In Machine, Freed By Firefighters

Maybe the high school student in California thought it was only an urban legend that trying to steal from a vending machine by reaching up through the slot can trap your arm inside the machine. Maybe he was just really thirsty. Either way, the would-be thief became trapped in a trolley station in the wee hours of the morning, requiring a team of paramedics, firefighters, police, and trolley security staff to open up the vending machine with power tools in order to free him.

Spending an hour trapped in the machine wasn’t punishment enough: the teen was also taken into custody, and may be charged with petty theft and have to pay the community back for the time of emergency services staff who freed him.

Teen Tries to Steal Soda, Gets Stuck in Vending Machine [NBC San Diego]

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