Woman Refunded Half Her Airfare After Being Forced To Sit Next To A Corpse For 10 Hours

A Swedish woman was in a bit of a troubling situation, after her rowmate died shortly after take off on a Kenya Airways flight. She flew from Europe to Tanzania and because there were no other seats available, she was stuck next to him. In response to the unfortunate circumstance, the airline has refunded half of her airfare.

According to a report in the Expressen daily, via The Local, the woman said she realized her fellow passenger wasn’t feeling too well when they boarded in Amsterdam.

“He was sweating and was having convulsions,” she said, adding that the plane took off anyway.

Shortly after the plane was airborne, the staff asked for medical help to do everything they could for the man, including a cardiac massage. He died a few hours later. The woman said she was then obliged to sit next to the dead man for the remainder of the overnight flight.

“Of course it was unpleasant, but I am not a person who makes a fuss,” she told the paper.

Since she had somewhat of a dissatisfactory experience, she sought compensation from the airline. After months of back and forth, she was finally refunded about $713 — roughly half the cost of her airfare.
Which is apparently totally cool with her.

“This feels much better. It is reasonable,” she said.

Swede nets refund after flying with dead man [The Local]

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