That Overdue ‘Twilight’ Book & DVD Could Get You Arrested

For more than four years we’ve been telling you about libraries turning to the police to crack down on overdue items, and yet some book-borrowing people out there have not gotten the message. Thus, a woman in New Mexico recently spent a night in jail because she spent two years not returning a copy of sparkly vampire novel Twilight and the DVD of one of the films in the series.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that the woman was arrested in front of her five kids after she failed to appear in court to answer for a summons regarding $35.98 in overdue library materials.

Her attorney claims the summons and all other documents were sent to an address the woman hadn’t lived at since she was a child.

And the police weren’t sent to the woman’s home to arrest her. Instead, they had arrived at the house to investigate allegations that her husband had assaulted another person.

But during their investigation, police noticed the outstanding warrant on the woman.

She ended up spending the night in jail before being released the next morning on a $610 bond.

The Journal reports that charges appear to have been dropped against the woman, who claims to not recall ever checking the items out.

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