6 Days In Jail For Overdue Library Books

Beloit, Wisconsin does not f*&% around when it comes to library books. When your books aren’t returned to the Beloit Public Library, three overdue notices are mailed out and then you may be issued a citation that could possibly include a court date.

Beloit-resident Keely Givhan says she was in the process of moving and never got the notices. When she was pulled over in November, police saw that she had an outstanding warrant and arrested her, says the Associated Press.

She and her family couldn’t afford to pay her fine so she remained in jail for six days.

Beloit police Capt. Bill Tyler said he knows this case could sound like an overreaction. But he said a municipal fine is a municipal fine, and failure to pay for any reason can result in an arrest warrant being issued.

We are so glad that we do not live in Beloit. We’re so forgetful about library books that we’d have like, a sentence of life in prison without parole by now.

Woman Jailed For Failing To Return Books [Channel 3000 via Fark]

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