TSA Firings Continue With Termination Of 8 Air Marshals Suspected Of Boozing While Training

On the heels of yesterday’s news that the Transportation Security Administration would be firing eight security screeners for allegedly sleeping while on duty in Newark, it seems the agency is doing a thorough housecleaning job with the termination of eight U.S. Air Marshals. Investigators say they were drinking alcohol on a training day.

The TSA told The Associated Press the drinking happened at a restaurant in February and was reported to a website set up for employees to blow the whistle on inappropriate behavior. No one had to fly that day, but the TSA says drinking on the job is forbidden no matter what. Some of the marshals had service weapons on them at the time as well.

In a statement close to the one offered yesterday regarding the dismissal of the eight security screeners, the TSA said:

“TSA holds all of its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards and has zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace,” said Nico Melendez, an agency spokesman. “TSA’s decision to remove the individuals involved in the misconduct affirms our strong commitment to the highest standards of conduct and accountability.”

Six other federal marshals are being suspended for not reporting the misconduct as well. All 14 involved in the investigation are out of the New York office, and all can appeal the decision except for a probationary employee who was terminated immediately.

TSA firing 8 air marshals in NY for drinking on training day [New York Post]





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  1. dush says:

    Apparently it is professional and ethical to run your hands over someone’s nether regions in the name of faux security.

    • Phred says:

      Haven’t you heard…it’s called a “Freedom Grope.” We should all be proud to get one.

  2. fsnuffer says:

    The outrage. I don’t know what this world is coming to when a person can’t drink or sleep while employed in a security critical position. Next thing you know they will start firing airline pilots for having a few shots before takeoff.

  3. suezahn says:

    Is this the TSA version of “decimation”? Exactly eight for each instance seems randomly exact.

  4. dcatz says:

    Is every government agency now drinking on the job? This is the third time this year that a major federal agency has been caught spending taxpayer money to party.

  5. LEDZEPPELIN24 says:

    So they don’t do this every day?

  6. SilverBlade2k says:

    so…moral of the story:

    The TSA willingly allows sexual assault; porn x-ray screenings; destroying a $10,000 medical life-saving device, making a child – who can’t walk on their own – to go through a screening device on their own….but drinking on the job is crossing the line!

  7. smo0 says:

    I sense the beginning of the end and this is a good thing. :D

  8. zombie_batch says:

    TSA: We ONLY hire the Cream of the Crop!*

    *Cream of the Crap in reality

  9. Fisher1949 says:

    In the past two months 4 TSA workers were arrested for smuggling drugs through LAX, 7 were fired seven and 36 disciplined at Ft. Myers for not following procedures, 9 were fired and 30 disciplined at Newark for sleeping on the job, 7 were fired at PHL for bribery and now 8 more for drinking on the job.

    That makes 35 TSA workers fired or arrested and 66 more disciplined in 60 days. This is a professional workforce? Name another agency with this kind of track record. Even GSA and Secret Service look good compared to these creeps.

    There were a total of 91 TSA workers arrested in the last 18 months including 12 arrested for child sex crimes, over 25 for theft, ten for smuggling and one for murder. And TSA Supervisor, Thomas Harkin, who is a known pedophile remains on the job at PHL.

    TSA has proven itself to be is useless. They haven’t caught one terrorist in a decade but still fail 70% of GAO tests. The idea that they have prevented an attack on air travel is ludicrous.TSA is an illusion of security and about as effective as carrying a lucky rock to protect from wolf attacks.

    We can’t afford $8 billion a year to pay deviants, criminals and pedophiles, to mistreat our children, strip search our mothers and steal our laptops. TSA must be replaced.

    • incident_man says:

      Where did you get your information? I’d really like to take a peek at it. If what you said is true then we ALL should be on the phone with our respective Congresscritters with the source info post haste.

  10. LEDZEPPELIN24 says:

    I love :)

  11. muzzleme says:

    Paid to train and stay sober-what’s the fuss.

    Trying to stay sain training for an event that hasn’t occurred in 10 years and is very unlikely but still possible, that’s another story.

  12. BorkBorkBork says:

    These sorts of TSA stories need a WHOLE lot more publicity than they’re getting. Then maybe the majority of public opinion would (finally) sour and the whole agency would be folded.

  13. Bodger says:

    Boozing TSA employees carrying lethal weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

  14. Velvet Jones says:

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I went through RSW a few years ago, which has glass around the entire security check point. I could clearly see the TSO who was suppose to be watching the x-ray monitor was sound asleep. He had his feet up on a chair, head down, not even facing the monitor. I wonder how long he sat that way before someone woke him up.