Delaware Becomes First State To Allow Gambling In Casinos From The Comfort Of Home

Putting on pants too much for you, and yet you love gambling at the casino? Better move to Delaware if you don’t already live there, as the state has become the first to approve online casino gambling. That’s right, making bets on games you would usually only be able to play inside the casino, from the comfort of your couch. Whether or not you wear pants is your call.

Because of the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act, which was signed into law yesterday by Gov. Jack Markell, by 2013 people in Delaware will be able to play slots and roulette on their computers and likely smartphones as well.

It’s the first state to allow full-service online casino gambling, says the News Journal of Wilmington. The vote was close, as some lawmakers in opposition are afraid the law will add to the social costs associated with gambling.

Proponents of the bill said online casino gambling would be a boon to help the tiny state compete with the casinos in larger neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Maryland. Geo-location software used in the online gambling will ensure that only people in the state of Delaware will be able to participate.

Gov. Markell says the law will protect and promote jobs in Delaware’s casino industry.

“We’re talking about a couple thousand jobs,’’ he said. “The competitive landscape for this industry has changed dramatically.’’

Estimates from the Department of Finance in Delaware say the new law could generate an additional $7.75 million for the state in 2013, on top of the $250 million the industry already generates.

When you need a drink during a particularly crushing game of poker, however, that will be all up to you.

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