DMV Errors Force Drivers To Hit Road Without Registrations

Someone needs to have a chat with the IT person for the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Since February, the DMV has had to issue at least 16 public apologies regarding technical difficulties. And for the last week, many drivers have been unable to renew their registrations on the DMV website, forcing people to either go without using their cars or to hit the road illegally in unregistered vehicles.

For people who have been unable to renew their registration online, that also means the only way they can get late fees waived is to appear at the DMV in person. Again, this could mean that they are driving sans registration.

CBS Sacramento’s Kurtis Ming attempted to file an information request regarding DMV computer problems, but was told it would cost him $1,533.19 for all the research involved.

The DMV says it “is working with the California Technology Agency to fully resolve the issue, and we are committed to implementing measures to mitigate future delays in service to our customers.”

Customers with unwarranted late fees will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, says the DMV.

But one driver, who already has a $30 late fee for the motorcycle gathering dust while it goes unregistered, wonders just how many people will pony over that extra money without either putting up a fight or realizing they are getting hosed.

“Just think what type of revenue they’re generating from this web site being down,” he points out.

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