The Sprint Consumerist Hotline Is Alive And Well

The Sprint Consumerist Hotline, a direct line to the company’s executive customer service, has been one of our staple resources in the fight for competent customer service. A few weeks ago, though, some readers reported to us that it had been disconnected. Nooooo! We checked in with Sprint to see what happened to the hotline, and obtained a fresh new number for you to use. Bonus: it’s toll-free.

A spokesman tells us that the extension was lost in a reconfiguration of the lines, but you can get right in touch with the Escalations group (executive customer service, we like to call it) at 866-561-0035.

Remember that Sprint has provided this number as a courtesy to our readers, even if it was originally born because we posted a bunch of contact information for their executives way back in 2007. Go over the tips in these classic posts, “How To Complain” and “Be a Customer Service Ninja” before picking up the phone, especially if you’ve never dealt with executive customer service before. Good luck!


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  1. TerpBE says:

    “Th Sprnt Cnsmrst Htln, drct ln t th hs bn n f r stpl rsrcs n th fght fr cmptnt cstmr srvc”

    Wht bt th fght fr cmptnt dtng?

    • Blueskylaw says:

      I think Consumerist accidentally a word.

    • elangomatt says:

      “Remember that Sprint has provided this number as a courtesy to our readers (even if the original came about because we posted. Go over the tips…”

      Poor little open parenth without its closing parenth. Well, at least they didn’t forget to close a bold or italic tag in the post like I’ve seen happen in the past.

    • Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

      Just a reminder, the comments threads are intended to discuss the article, not point out typos. If you have a typo to correct, please email the editor. We’d like to keep the comment threads relevant and interesting to other users. Thanks.

      • Nobby says:

        Yes, but which is more funs?

        • Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

          Presumably keeping your commenting privileges here is more funs than bannination. ;)

          • Schildkrote says:

            There’s a whole lot of typos, grammatical and factual errors on this site – doesn’t calling them out encourage the writers to be a little more on the ball when it comes to proofreading? Right now it’s kind of silly how there’s never a single day of posts without problems.

            I realize it’s embarassing for them when people point out their mistakes but it helps them improve. I’m not arguing with the Code, I’m just curious about the rationale.

            • Laura Northrup says:

              If we were in there reading comments shortly after the posts go up, that would one one thing, but we’re generally not. It’s a lot more effective to e-mail the author.

  2. Chmeeee says:

    Serious question: Do people actually pay for long distance these days? When I see “toll-free” numbers, I wonder how many people that actually matters to, since so many are on cell phones or VOIP lines where distance is irrelevant.

    • spartan says:

      The reason many businesses provide toll-frees is so they can capture the number on Caller ID.

      Even if you hit *69 in an attempt to block your number, the receiving party can see (and capture) it.

      • consumed says:

        I believe you’re referring to *67.

        *69 is for Last caller/Automatic Callback, which only works on landlines.

    • erinpac says:

      Depending on the business, it may mean that their customers can use Skype to call them for free, even from out of country, or just to avoid cell disconnections when the calling center transfers them around, even if they normally do not have a land/VOIP line.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      yes, actually. the company i work for has a long term support program where we call out to a regular group of people who have requested it. i have a few hundred people i talk to on a regular basis. in my experience, about 1/4 of them only have a home phone and prefer our toll free number to avoid long distance charges.
      many of those people are over 60, but there’s definitely still a market for it

  3. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    A direct line to the has-been.

  4. blogger X says:

    When I was a Sprint customer, I had to use the line to get their techincal support to fix Google Voice screwing up my voicemail. Regular tech support was incompetent, much like their slow ass network.

  5. Mpear1 says:

    Ensenda …. Excellent service! Received two orders from Amazon in the past four days, both delivered by the carrier Ensenda. Both packages arrived very early in the morning on the day promised. The delivery person left them at the front door of our suburban Chicago area home. They did not ring the door bell, which we appreciated as I believe the delivery was made before 7:00 AM. I recevied an email and text message stating the packages were on their way. So, I checked the front door first thing in the morning and was pleased to find each package delivered well before the FedEx or UPS trucks enter our neighborhood for their daily routes. The first package was shipped using Two Day Prime. The second package was shipped using the Free Super Saver Shipping program.

    I have read other posts where people were complaining about this delivery company. I am sorry they had problems. The posts sound like each problem may have been related to the competency of the individual driver. We’ve had excellent service from Ensenda to date. We are very happy with the timely delivery as well as the ability to track the package’s progress. Keep up the great work, Ensenda!

  6. ChuckECheese says:

    I used this hotline just last week and received very helpful service.

  7. icerabbit says:

    ” The Sprint Consumerist Hotline, a direct line to the has been one of our staple resources in the fight for competent customer service ”

    … a direct line to the [???] has been …

    Come on, Laura, second article on the front page this morning with words or parts of sentences missing :(

  8. Celticlady says:

    This actually worked for me. Only used it when all other avenues were exhausted. At first they were a little snippy, but finally prevailed.

    Thank you!!!

  9. scorched says:

    Omg thank you for this number.. the rep at the other end and was amazingly understanding about the situation. I called this after having spent many hours on the phone with the regular customer service and only used it as a last resort.

  10. Panix says:

    So much for the Hotline being the best service. We started back in March trying to when we could cancel without owing Sprint. After the usual attempts at *2, and email, we tried the Sprint Consumerist Hotline. We talked to Diane, and she instructed us to told to contact them on August 21st, 2012 to cancel our service; the 22nd would be the start of the next billing period. We would have 7 days to port our existing numbers.

    We called on the 21st to cancel our service, (service ended mid day ont he 22nd). We just follwed up with Diane today, because of a past due notice via email,
    (we are now with a new company after porting our old number). She
    offered 50% off as a curtesy even though we did everything she asked us
    to in order to end our service without a bill. So much for the Sprint Consumerist Hotline. We are free of Sprint, but we still have one more fight.