The Sprint Consumerist Hotline Is Alive And Well

The Sprint Consumerist Hotline, a direct line to the company’s executive customer service, has been one of our staple resources in the fight for competent customer service. A few weeks ago, though, some readers reported to us that it had been disconnected. Nooooo! We checked in with Sprint to see what happened to the hotline, and obtained a fresh new number for you to use. Bonus: it’s toll-free.

A spokesman tells us that the extension was lost in a reconfiguration of the lines, but you can get right in touch with the Escalations group (executive customer service, we like to call it) at 866-561-0035.

Remember that Sprint has provided this number as a courtesy to our readers, even if it was originally born because we posted a bunch of contact information for their executives way back in 2007. Go over the tips in these classic posts, “How To Complain” and “Be a Customer Service Ninja” before picking up the phone, especially if you’ve never dealt with executive customer service before. Good luck!