Sprint Sets Up Consumerist Reader Executive Customer Service Hotline

Sprint has set up a special phone number directly to the executive customer service queue just for Consumerist readers.

Use this number
1) For good
2) If you have a major problem with Sprint
3) After you have communicated with at least two different customer service reps and asked to be escalated to a supervisor at least once.

Magical number, inside…

703-433-4401  866-561-0035

The guidelines for good complaining still apply. When you call, state that you are a Sprint customer and Consumerist reader and you would like their help in solving your problem. When asked, succinctly state the factual basis of your complaint and how you would like to see it resolved.

We applaud Sprint for providing our readers with this number. We called it and a gal in executive customer service queue picked up. We also showed the number to our Sprint insider and he confirmed that it would go directly to that queue.

But it didn’t come easy. Sprint has been after us for weeks to take down a contact list with phone numbers and email addresses for over 25 of their execs, including CEO Gary Forsee. Seeing as sticks weren’t working, they threw us a big ol’ carrot. They also gave corrections for the contact information we posted (which had been cut and pasted from an internal Sprint database). Nice, that.

We hope Sprint’s action encourages other companies, recognizing failures by their bottom level customer service, to provide knowledgeable and proactive consumers with similar “hotlines to the ear of God.” — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Cnet)

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