At Target, ‘Price Cut’ Means Keep The Same Price

Yolanda noticed something strange on the shelf at Target. Well, maybe only strange if you have no experience with shopping at Target. An item on the shelves was labeled “Price Cut,” but if you moved that price tag to the side, there was no price cut at all.

She writes:

I took this picture at Target.  I was very careful to compare the two products to ensure they were the exact same product.

The “Price Cut” price of $15.99, regular $17.49 was hiding the original price sticker which shows a regular price of $15.99 – the same as the “Price Cut” price.  So where is the savings?  And why are they calling it a Price Cut?

Either they raised the price, then immediately cut it again, or the “Price Cut” tag is just a temporary promotional thing meant to confuse the heck out of customers if it slips out of place, revealing the identical tag below. Could go either way, really.

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