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Garrett Heath

Hulu Offers 1-Year Price Cut To New And Returning Customers

Did you cancel your Hulu subscription, but are thinking about going back? In a deal that just happens to begin at the same time as Netflix’s upcoming price hike, Hulu is offering a discount on its service for new and returning subscribers for the coming year. [More]

Kevin Dooley

Gillette Lowers Prices By 20%, Hopes Customers Come Back

The razor brand Gillette wants its market share back. The company, part of the Procter & Gamble consumer goods conglomerate, isn’t fighting years of falling sales by adding blades and features to its razors for once. It’s cutting prices by as much as 20%. [More]

Ben Schumin

Lyft Slashing Weekday Rides In NYC By Half

Hitching a ride in a Lyft in New York City will be a bit more forgiving on your wallet this week: the ride-hailing company plans to cut weekday trip prices in half for a limited time.  [More]

Uber Cuts Some New York City Fares By 15%

Uber Cuts Some New York City Fares By 15%

Less than a month after Uber slashed its prices in 100 cities around the country, the ride-hailing service implemented similar cuts in New York City.  [More]

At Target, ‘Price Cut’ Means Keep The Same Price

At Target, ‘Price Cut’ Means Keep The Same Price

Yolanda noticed something strange on the shelf at Target. Well, maybe only strange if you have no experience with shopping at Target. An item on the shelves was labeled “Price Cut,” but if you moved that price tag to the side, there was no price cut at all. [More]